Student Athlete: Daniel DiLoreto

Daniel DiLoreto’s approach to bowling is simple.

“Winning…thats my competitive side,” he said.  “I want to compete and be better than the person to right and to the left of me, I just want to be better than the person next to me, and win.”

And win he does. The Struthers Senior has already logged two perfect games in competition,  and been named First Team All-Conference in three different sports… bowling, baseball, and golf.

He offered the secret to his success.

“Dedicate all the free time you have. any free time you have, just spend it getting better, at every single sport.  Even during bowling season, im in the gym getting ready for baseball season.”

When DiLoreto graduates this spring, he will have twelve2 varsity letters, including one for academics. He is a member of National Honor Society, and currently ranks in the top 15 percent of his class.

“I go to school. I get done what I need to get done in school there.  If I get homework assigned to me in school, I will get it done in school. So after school I have time to focus on my sports. Every day every class matters. work hard then and there, and you won’t have to work hard the rest of your life.  That’s what my dad always told me,” he said.

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