Pledge of Allegiance Schedule

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WYTV 33 and The Hometown Pharmacy are proud to announce a new initiative that highlights local schools during WYTV 33 News Daybreak with Len Rome and Jim Loboy. This new program will feature elementary students from area schools reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

WYTV 33 and The Hometown Pharmacy – bringing you the Pledge of Allegiance airing every weekday on WYTV between 6:30 – 7:00 AM.

Pledge of Allegiance Air Schedule (days without a class are TBA)

2016-17 schedule:

Monday, Sept. 12 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Laure 3rd Grade
Tuesday, Sept. 13 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Schroeder 3rd Grade
Weds., Sept. 14 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Shepard 1st Grade
Thursday, Sept. 15 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Walsh Kindergarten
Friday, Sept. 16 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Kandel 4th Grade

Monday, Sept. 19 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Umbs 6th Grade
Tuesday, Sept. 20 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Thorn 5th Grade
Weds., Sept. 21 BL Miller Elementary Miss Campbell 5th Grade
Thursday, Sept. 22 BL Miller Elementary Mrs. Guy 2nd Grade
Friday, September 23 Crestview Elementary Mrs. Storm 2nd Grade

Monday, September 26 Crestview Elementary Mrs. Shaffer 2nd Grade
Tuesday, September 27 Crestview Elementary Mrs. Householder 2nd Grade
Wednesday, September 28 Crestview Elementary Miss Lipp 2nd Grade
Thursday, September 29 Lakeview Elementary Miss Wilson 3rd Grade
Friday, September 30 Lakeview Elementary Mrs. Danklefsen Kindergarten

Monday, October 3 Lakeview Elementary Mrs. Probst 1st Grade
Tuesday, October 4 Lakeview Elementary Mrs. Cooper 2nd Grade
Wednesday, October 5 Artman Elementary Ms. Andrzejewski 2nd Grade
Thursday, October 6 Artman Elementary Ms. Glus 3rd Grade
Friday, October 7 Artman Elementary Ms. Schuster 2nd Grade

Monday, October 10 Artman Elementary Ms. Reino 3rd Grade
Tuesday, October 11 Artman Elementary Mrs. Gurska Kindergarten
Wednesday, October 12 Artman Elementary Ms. Cowart 1st Grade
Thursday, October 13 Artman Elementary Ms. Staul 2nd Grade
Friday, October 14 Artman Elementary Ms. Scott 2nd Grade

Monday, October 17 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Nelson Kindergarten
Tuesday, October 18 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. McAndrew 1st Grade
Wednesday, October 19 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Hartman 2nd Grade
Thursday, October 20 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Parr 3rd Grade
Friday, October 21 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Cameron 4th Grade

Monday, October 24 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Davis 5th Grade
Tuesday, October 25 Lordstown Elementary Mrs. Eskay & Mrs. Hewko 6th Grade
Wednesday, October 26 Holy Family School Mrs. Sfara 2nd Grade
Thursday, October 27 Holy Family School Mrs. Valley 1st Grade
Friday, October 28 Holy Family School Miss Fryda 3rd Grade

Monday, October 31 Holy Family School Mrs. Oslin 3rd Grade
Tuesday, November 1 Holy Family School Mrs. Holsinger 4th Grade
Wednesday, November 2 Holy Family School Mrs. Donofrio 4th Grade
Thursday, November 3 Leetonia Elementary Mrs. Waterbeck Kindergarten
Friday, November 4 Leetonia Elementary Mrs. Torreance 3rd Grade

Monday, November 7 Leetonia Elementary Mrs. Frenger 4th Grade
Tuesday, November 8 Leetonia Elementary Mrs. Hames 1st Grade
Wednesday, November 9 Leetonia Elementary Mrs. Walters 2nd Grade
Thursday, November 10 Austintown Intermediate School Mr. Miller 5th Grade
Friday, November 11 Austintown Intermediate School Mr. Doan 5th Grade

Monday, November 14 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Culp 5th Grade
Tuesday, November 15 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Villani 3rd Grade
Wednesday, November 16 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Herndon 3rd Grade
Thursday, November 17 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Noel 3rd Grade
Friday, November 18 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Hutchinson 4th Grade

Monday, November 21 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Pavkovich 4th Grade
Tuesday, November 22 Austintown Intermediate School Mrs. Watson 4th Grade
Wednesday, November 23 St. Joseph the Provider Miss Conricote Kindergarten
Thursday, November 24 St. Joseph the Provider Miss Fernback 1st Grade
Friday, November 25 St. Joseph the Provider Ms. Blanchon 1st Grade

Monday, November 28 St. Joseph the Provider Mrs. Mazoros 2nd Grade
Tuesday, November 29 St. Joseph the Provider Miss Bishop 3rd Grade
Wednesday, November 30 St. Joseph the Provider Mrs. Wason 3rd Grade
Thursday, December 1  Lincoln PK-8 Ms. Pishotti 2nd Grade
Friday, December 2 Lincoln PK-8 Mrs. Anzevino Kindergarten

Monday, December 5 Lincoln PK-8 Mrs. Ameen 7th Grade Science
Tuesday, December 6 Lincoln PK-8 Mrs. Grayham & Mrs. McComb 3rd Grade
Wednesday, December 7 Lincoln PK-8 Mrs. Holland 1st Grade
Thursday, December 8 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. Dunn Kindergarten
Friday, December 9 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. McCullough Kindergarten

Monday, December 12 East Palestine Elementary Miss Jacobs Kindergarten
Tuesday, December 13 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. Repasky 1st Grade
Wednesday, December 14 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. Wagner 1st Grade
Thursday, December 15 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. Falcone 1st Grade
Friday, December 16 East Palestine Elementary Mrs. Maxwell 1st Grade

Monday, December 19 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Betts Kindergarten
Tuesday, December 20 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Betts Kindergarten
Wednesday, December 21 Joseph Badger Elementary Ms. Danko 1st Grade
Thursday, December 22 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Seara 1st Grade
Friday, December 23 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Evans 2nd Grade

Monday, December 26 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Deraway 2nd Grade
Tuesday, December 27 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Hoover 2nd Grade
Wednesday, December 28 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Freel 3rd Grade
Thursday, December 29 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Jaskiewicz 3rd Grade
Friday, December 30 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Frantz Pre-K

Monday, January 2 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. McWilliams 4th Grade
Tuesday, January 3 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Ewell 4th Grade
Wednesday, January 4 Joseph Badger Elementary Mrs. Bins-Castronovo 4th Grade
Thursday, January 5 Springfield Local Elementary Mrs. Snyder Kindergarten
Friday, January 6 Springfield Local Elementary Mrs. Eynon 2nd Grade

Monday, January 9 Springfield Local Elementary Mr. Gerchak 3rd Grade
Tuesday, January 10 Willard Pre-K – 8  Mrs. Stawiski 2nd Grade
Wednesday, January 11 Willard Pre-K – 8 Mrs. Schroeder 2nd Grade
Thursday, January 12 Willard Pre-K – 8 Mrs. Dragish 1st Grade
Friday, January 13 Willard Pre-K – 8 Mrs. Dressel Kindergarten

Monday, January 16 Willard Pre-K – 8 Mrs. Newbrough 3rd – 5th Grade
Tuesday, January 17 Willard Pre-K – 8 Ms. McCracken 4th Grade
Wednesday, January 18 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. Zorman 4th Grade
Thursday, January 19 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. Miner 4th Grade
Friday, January 20 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. Tamulonis 4th Grade

Monday, January 23 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mr. Hammerton 4th Grade
Tuesday, January 24 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. Racz 3rd Grade
Wednesday, January 25 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. McConnell 3rd Grade
Thursday, January 26 Robinwood Lane Elementary Mrs. Curtis 3rd Grade
Friday, January 27 Jefferson PK-8 Mrs. Smith Kindergarten

Monday, January 30 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Williams Kindergarten
Tuesday, January 31 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Francisco 1st Grade
Wednesday, February 1 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Chromchack Kindergarten
Thursday, February 2 Jefferson PK-8 Mr. Anda 1st Grade
Friday, February 3 Jefferson PK-8 Mr. Bitner 1st Grade

Monday, February 6 Jefferson PK-8 Mrs. Haswell 1st Grade
Tuesday, February 7 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Cohen Kindergarten
Wednesday, February 8 Jefferson PK-8 Mrs. Hammond 2nd Grade
Thursday, February 9 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Betts 2nd Grade
Friday, February 10 Jefferson PK-8 Miss Mavrogianis 2nd Grade

Monday, February 13 Jefferson PK-8 Mrs. Laprocina 2nd Grade
Tuesday, February 14 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Harrington 2nd Grade
Wednesday, February 15 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Chasser 2nd Grade
Thursday, February 16 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Weeks/Miss Ryan 2nd Grade
Friday, February 17 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Bell 2nd Grade

Monday, February 20 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Murray 2nd Grade
Tuesday, February 21 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Lamer 2nd Grade
Wednesday, February 22 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Dotson 2nd Grade
Thursday, February 23 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Chopko/Miss Morgan 2nd Grade
Friday, February 24 Howland Glen Primary Ms. Skoczylas 2nd Grade

Monday, February 27 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Caldwell Kindergarten
Tuesday, February 28 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Gysegem Kindergarten
Wednesday, March 1 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Tisone Kingerdarten
Thursday, March 2 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Myers Kindergarten
Friday, March 3 Howland Glen Primary Mrs. Baker Kindergarten

Monday, March 6 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Miss Dickinson 1st Grade
Tuesday, March 7 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mrs. Miller 1st Grade
Wednesday, March 8 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mrs. Moore 1st Grade
Thursday, March 9 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mr. Covert 1st Grade
Friday, March 10 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mrs. Ebben 2nd Grade

Monday, March 13 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mrs. Campbell 2nd Grade
Tuesday, March 14 Joshua-Dixon Elementary Mrs. Halverstat/Mrs. Elser Pre-School
Wednesday, March 15 Early Childhood Learning Center at Holy Family Mrs. Hayes/Ms. Mark Pre-K
Thursday, March 16 Early Childhood Learning Center at St. Luke’s Ms. Scott Pre-K
Friday, March 17 Early Childhood Learning Center at St. Luke’s Mrs. Sikich/Mrs. Huber Transitional Kindergarten

Monday, March 20 Early Childhood Learning Center at St. Luke’s Mrs. Mihok/Mrs. Philibin Pre-K
Tuesday, March 21 Reilly Elementary Mrs. Hagan 4th Grade
Wednesday, March 22 Reilly Elementary Mrs. Colbert 4th Grade
Thursday, March 23 Reilly Elementary Mrs. Winn 4th Grade
Friday, March 24 Reilly Elementary Mr. Tucciarone 4th Grade

Monday, March 27 Reilly Elementary Miss Burnett 4th Grade
Tuesday, March 28 Reilly Elementary Mr. Winn 4th Grade
Wednesday, March 29 Reilly Elementary Mrs. McTrusty 3rd Grade
Thursday, March 30 Reilly Elementary Mrs. Janofa 3rd Grade
Friday, March 31Reilly Elementary Miss Miller 4th Grade

Monday, April 3 Reilly Elementary Ms. Brown 3rd Grade
Tuesday, April 4 Reilly Elementary Ms. O’Brien 3rd Grade
Wednesday, April 5 Reilly Elementary Mrs. Carr 3rd Grade
Thursday, April 6 Valley Christian Schools Miss Penney Kindergarten
Friday, April 7 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Sweet Kindergarten

Monday, April 10 Valley Christian Schools Miss Anderson Kindergarten
Tuesday, April 11 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Jacobsen Kindergarten
Wednesday, April 12 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Lallo 2nd Grade
Thursday, April 13 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Kidd 3rd Grade
Friday, April 14 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Mounce 3rd Grade

Monday, April 17 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Fitch 2nd Grade
Tuesday, April 18 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Corll 1st Grade
Wednesday, April 19 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Brockway 1st Grade
Thursday, April 20 Valley Christian Schools Mrs. Brown 1st Grade
Friday, April 21 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Singleton 5th Grade

Monday, April 24 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Hoelzel 6th Grade
Tuesday, April 25 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Jenkins 4th Grade
Wednesday, April 26 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Maxin 3rd Grade
Thursday, April 27 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Ball 8th Grade
Friday, April 28 Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Mrs. Bell 7th Grade

Monday, May 1 Poland North Mrs. Bucci Pre-K M/W/F
Tuesday, May 2 Poland North Mrs. Argeras/Mrs. Greene Pre-K
Wednesday, May 3 Poland North Mrs. Argeras/Mrs. Greene 3 & 4-Year-Old Pre-K
Thursday, May 4 Poland North Mrs. Bucci Pre-K T/TH
Friday, May 5 Poland North Miss Cox Transitional K

Monday, May 8 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Iacino Kindergarten
Tuesday, May 9 West Hill Elementary Mrs. DeJulia Kindergarten
Wednesday, May 10 West Hill Elementary Ms. Paoletta Primary Life Skills
Thursday, May 11 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Hoovier 2nd Grade
Friday, May 12 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Fadden 2nd Grade

Monday, May 15 West Hill Elementary Mrs. Nicastro 1st Grade
Tuesday, May 16 West Hill Elementary Ms. Golub Intermediate Life Skills
Wednesday, May 17 Niles Primary School Mrs. Burns 2nd Grade
Thursday, May 18 Niles Primary School Mrs. Culetsu 2nd Grade
Friday, May 19 Niles Primary School Mrs. Morrison 1st Grade

Monday, May 22 Niles Primary School Mrs. Lehman 1st Grade
Tuesday, May 23 Niles Primary School Mrs. Six 1st Grade
Wednesday, May 24 Niles Primary School Mrs. Tricomi Kindergarten
Thursday, May 25 Niles Primary School Mrs. Pavlansky Kindergarten
Friday, May 26 Niles Primary School Mrs. Pantelis Kindergarten

Monday, May 29 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Mijavec Kindergarten
Tuesday, May 30 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Denman & Mrs. Fick Kindergarten
Wednesday, May 31 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Donatelli 1st Grade
Thursday, June 1 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Wires 1st Grade
Friday, June 2 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Andrella & Mrs. Hornbeck 2nd Grade

Monday, June 5 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Grube 3rd Grade
Tuesday, June 6 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Zidian 3rd Grade
Wednesday, June 7 Bristol Elementary Miss Peterson 4th Grade
Thursday, June 8 Bristol Elementary Mrs. Wire 4th Grade
Friday, June 9 Bristol Elementary Mr. Collins 4th Grade

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