EPA presents cleanup plan for Ellsworth landfill

Ellsworth landfill cleanup plan presented

ELLSWORTH TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) — A Mahoning County landfill that was only open in the 1970’s is still creating problems.
Liquids are leaking from the Hilltop Landfill in Ellsworth Township right off U.S. Route 224. The 20-acre site accepted waste from General Motors and General Electric before closing in 1976.

On Thursday, Ohio EPA officials presented their preferred plan to clean up the spot and keep the contamination from affecting nearby water. The idea is to help filter out pollutants and send cleaner water to the local stream.
“It’s a no-brainer, scary to think it could have a way to get into your drinking water,” said Cheryl Kekel, who lives near Hilltop Landfill.

“There’s a concern about will it ever turn into something really disastrous. As we heard tonight, the EPA doesn’t feel that it will. But they are monitoring and coming up with plans to make it even better,” said Ellsworth Township Trustee Fred Houston.

The EPA’s cleanup plan costs almost $3 million.

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