Question of the Day answers and winners

12-2  Little Giant was nickname for Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad.  Danny Norton

12-1  Tim Allen played Santa in the Santa Clause.  Justine Koenig

11-30  Angels with Filthy Souls is the gangster movie in Home Alone.   Reynold Harris

11-29  Norway Spruce is the tree at Rockefeller Center this year.  Karen Whistler

11-28  Lego is a toy originated from Denmark.  Darlene Marks

11-25  Tiger is the Brady Bunch dog.   Shannon Kijowski

11-24  Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song.  Sandy Vlock

11-23  Lincoln was first President to pardon a turkey.  Roger Sanchez

11-22  Butterball Turkey has the famous turkey hotline.  Jill Barr

11-21  1620 was etched into Plymouth Rock.  Suzanne Cornelius

11-18  Sorting Hat is used to move among houses in Harry Potter world.  Timothy Newlen

11-17  In the movie Gremlins, you never feed one after midnight.  Stephen Purkey

11-16  Black Pearl is found in the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.  Patricia Ewankowich

11-15  The philtrum is found on the face.  Janice Smiler

11-14  Man on the Moon was a movie based on Andy Kaufman.  Linda Maltbie

11-11  Amy Adams and Margot Kidder both played Lois Lane.  Gage Walls

11-10  West Side Story is based on Romeo & Juliet.  Kitty Butler

11-9  Chicago Daily Tribune had the wrong headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”.  Frank Margiotta

11-8  William Henry Harrison served the shortest presidency.  Steven Bucklew

11-7  The Jets and the Sharks are the rival gangs in West Side Story.  Diane Ruffin

11-4  Mr. Miyagi is from the movie The Karate Kid.  Tammy Merando

11-3 Tin Lizzie is a nickname for the 1908 Model T Ford.  Robert Pence

11-2  In Major League Movie, you don’t take Jobu’s Rum.  Scott Holley

11-1  Day of the Dead is a holiday in Mexico around Halloween.  Molly Dunn

10-31 Bruce Campbell starred in the 1981 horror movie Evil Dead.  Melissa Arredondo

10-28  Leatherface is the horror character wielding a chainsaw.  Ken Teschke

10-27  Cassandra Peterson is better known as spooky vixen Elvira.  Julie Stanley

10-26  Bob Uecker played a Cleveland Broadcaster in Major League.  Nancy Clendenin

10-25  In 1997 the Cleveland Indians lost to the Florida Marlins.   Gerald Hamilton

10-24  A full moon causes a werewolf to transform.  Mickey Simon

10-21  Wonder Woman is the hero using the Lasso of Truth.  William Hasch

10-20  In June of 1974 Cleveland Indians had 10 cent beer night.  Arnold Shiflitt

10-19  The band Chic does the song Le Freak.  Michael Williams

10-18  Slider is the name of the Indians’ purple and yellow mascot.  Mike Clemente

10-17   Farfalle pasta is shaped like bowties.  Lisa Martzial

10-14  YSU’s own Dwight Beede is credited with inventing the penalty flag.  Christian Wormley

10-13   Notre Dame and USC play for the Jeweled Shillelagh trophy.  Donald Saltzmann

10-12  Kirk Cameron played Mike Seaver on Growing Pains.  Tammy Feliciano

10-11  George Carlin was the 1st SNL host.  Lisa Bentfeld

10-10  Columbus sailed with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Marie.   Ann Sheppa

10-7  E.L. James is the author of 50 Shades of Grey.  Cindy Schory

10-6  Midges were the bugs that swarmed an Indians playoff game in 2007.   Ed Kinsey

10-5   Eric Idle, John Cleese, and Terry Gilliam were members of Monty Python.  Marlene Lenio

10-4  Dick Tracy comic strip started on this date in 1931.  Sue Kane

10-3  Herschel Krustofsky is better known as Krusty the Clown.  Crystal Machi

9-30  First televised college football game was Fordham vs. Waynesburg College.  Anna Mezei

9-29  Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are in the band RUSH.  Jada Ackerman

9-28  Great Lakes Brewing makes Burning River and Elliot Ness Beer.  Steven Gensburg

9-27  Matthew Broderick played a computer hacker in the movie WarGames.  Jackie Kren

9-26  Don Henley sang “Boys of Summer”.  Ken Christoff

9-23  Pete the Penguin was a REAL penguin from 1939 to 1972.  Gwen Lang

9-22  Terry Jacks sang Seasons in the Sun.   Nealie Allie

9-21  The Lunch Bunch was an early title for 80’s movie The Breakfast Club.  Joyce Blanke

9-20  Otto Graham was the Browns QB in 1950.  Tim O’Hara

9-19  Game of Thrones has a Red Wedding.  Lillian Bracy

9-16  Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs in the 2013 movie.  Christine Kondas

9-15  John Hughes was the filmmaker using the name Edmond Dantes.  Kate Egry

9-14 Len Rome went to Duquesne University.  Kelley Baumiller

9-13 Ants on a log is CELERY, peanut butter and raisins. Rae Dixon

9-12 Bad Boys was the theme to the TV show COPS. Marcella Oleksa

9-9 Cleveland’s old Municipal Stadium was called the Mistake on the Lake. Nancy Clendenin

9-8  Tribbles were in an episode of Star Trek.  Jose Rosa

9-7  HOG is the stock exchange symbol for Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Chuck Cavanaugh

9-6  Bicycle is a famous brand of playing cards.  Barbara Robertson

9-5  Spare and baby back are types of ribs.  Donna Kasza

9-2  Richard Pryor starred with Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy.  Deborah Mounsey

9-1  Fairy Floss is better known as cotton candy.  Rebecca Soldan

8-31 Three Dog Night sings Shambala.  John Belak

8-30 Gene Wilder played the Waco Kid in Blazing Saddles.  Julie Pittman

8-29  A Rhode Island Red is a chicken.  Edward Riley

8-26  First televised baseball game in 1939 was Cincinnati versus Brooklyn.  Michelle DiBell

8-25  Cheers character Cliff was a mail man.  Cindi Morad

8-24  Kenny Loggins is known as the King of Soundtracks.  Mary Agnone

8-23  Dr. Nick Riviera is a character on the Simpsons.   Dee Fusselman

8-22  Princess Bride is the movie with unusually large rodents.   Dee Kacherek

8-19  Ben-Hur features a chariot race.  Peter Revelant

8-18  Larry the Bird is the TWITTER mascot.   Shawnia Kochsmeier

8-17  If you “hang ten”, you’re SURFING.  Jon Vollmar

8-16  Rupert Holmes did the Pina Colada song from the 70’s.  Bryn Speidel

8-15  Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale all played Batman.   Kelly Francis

8-12   Jake the Jailbird is found in the game Monopoly.  Linda Bowman

8-11  Hector Boiardi is better known as Chef Boyardee.  Nicole Santana

8-10  August 10th is National S’mores Day.  Kelsie Massacci

8-9  Jerry Garcia was lead singer of the Grateful Dead.  Linda Fratt

8-8  Butterfly and Doggie Paddle are swimming strokes.  Annette Maraczi

8-5  Usain Bolt holds the record for the 100 and 200 meter sprints.  Amanda Anderson

8-4  Kids ride sheep in mutton busting.  Todd Chellis

8-3  Binney and Smith are famous for CRAYOLA Crayons.  Penny Kuttler

8-2  The Resolute Desk is the desk in the Oval Office of the White House.  Coretta Burch

8-1  Vanilla is the flavored ice cream for a root beer float.  Richard Sweany

7-29  Kerri Strug was an Olympic gymnast.  Aaran Smith

7-28 Daryl Hall is often associated with John Oates.  Mike Estock

7-27  The 1st Ohio State Fair was in Cincinnati.  Alex Little

7-26  Rolling Stones have a lips and tongue as their logo.  Janie Shaw

7-25  Burt Reynolds was the Bandit in Smokey & the Bandit.  Chrissy Catheline

7-22  The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in Summer of 2014.  Traci Peccia

7-21  A BURPEE is a physical fitness exercise.  James Butler

7-20  A Pluto postage stamp was sent to Pluto on New Horizons.  Tina Pafen

7-19  First Republican National Convention was in 1856.  Ben Prather

7-18  First Republican President was Abraham Lincoln.  Donna Kasza

7-15  Cheese puffs are the best known treat at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Niles Festival.  Billy Casey

7-14  Basketball is the sport with the Larry O’Brian trophy.   Karen Hoover

7-13  Ghost was the Patrick Swayze movie released in 1990 on this date.  Amy Libicer

7-12  Taylor Swift has an album titled 1989.  Tremaine Alexander

7-11 Pamplona, Spain is known for the Running of the Bulls.  Billie Boylan

7-8  Poppin’ Fresh is the mascot for Pillsbury.  Alan Blanke

7-7  Slimer is a character in the Ghostbusters movie.  Tracene Noble

7-6  Louis Armstrong played the trumpet.  Virginia DelBene

7-5  Io, Europa, and Ganymede are moons of Jupiter.  Carmen Frazier

7-4  Calvin Coolidge is the President born on the Fourth of July.  Jamie Harris

7-1  New York City is the US city with the largest fireworks display.  Dana Wagner

6-30  Fastest shark is a short fin Mako.  Georgiann Popovich

6-29  Ted was the movie about a talking stuffed animal.  Alex Arredondo

6-28  Spaceballs was Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody.  Hugh Henry

6-27  Ray-Ban makes sunglasses.  Gayle Holton

6-24  British pound is the oldest active currency.  Jo Anne Dipizzo

6-23  Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick  created UBER driving service.  Philip Holton

6-22 Cavaliers’ mascot is named Moondog.  Rona Curtis

6-21  Lebron James was in the movie “Trainwreck”.













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