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11-24  Arendelle is in the Frozen movie.  Brenda Gustovich

11-23  Chico, California has a Yo-Yo Museum.   Michele Revelant

11-20  Wet Bandits are from the Home Alone movie series.   Adrienne Trebella

11-19  Calvin’s friend Hobbes is a tiger.  Cindy Gill

11-18  BIG was the Tom Hanks movie where he played a kid in a man’s body.  Justyn Williams

11-17 Edwin Perkins invented Kool-Aid.  Brittany Johnson

11-16  Tool Time was the Home Improvement Show in a show.  Frank Arundel

11-13  The last time the Browns beat the Steelers both times in a year.  Bob Gatta

11-12  Toucan Sam is the mascot for Froot Loops.  Sally Downard

11-11  Robin Williams was in Good Morning Vietnam.  Ann Sheppa

11-10  Wilbur is the pig in Charlotte’s Web.  Tom Franklin

11-9  Oddjob was a character in the Bond film Goldfinger.   Bryan Enyeart

11-6  Carrie Underwood’s 2nd album is titled Carnival Ride.  Mandy Coira

11-5  Bo Bice was runner-up to Carrie Underwood on American Idol.   Andrea DiBacco

11-4  Northeastern State University is Carrie Underwood’s Alma Mater.   Claudia Cabot

11-3  Brad Paisley co-hosts the CMA’s with Carrie Underwood.  Mark McAllen

11-2  Carrie Underwood’s husband is a hockey player for Nashville Predators.  Janice Cannistra

10-30  Water causes the Wicked Witch to melt.   Evelyn Lewis

10-29  Bates Motel is in Psycho movie.  Rotica Pickins

10-28  Al Pacino played the devil in Devil’s Advocate.  Tony Brown

10-27  Simpson’s has the annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween special.  Jim Vespasian

10-26  Camp Crystal was the setting for Friday the 13th.  George Frazeskos

10-23  Marty McFly used the alias Clint Eastwood in Back to the Future 3.  James McCullough

10-22  Enchantment Under the Sea was the Back to the Future dance.   Gina Malone

10-21  Mattel Toy company was the maker of the fake Hover board in Back to the Future.    Terri Handel

10-20  OUTATIME is the license plate of the time machine in Back to the Future.   Teri Casterline

10-19  John DeLorean was busted for selling cocaine.   Dianne Esposite

10-16  Penny is Pete’s counterpart as YSU mascot.  Shawn Arn

10-15  Danny Hutton is in the band 3 Dog Night.  Aaron Bremner

10-14  Air Bud was a basketball playing dog.  Andrea Fabek

10-13  Simon & Garfunkel were originally to be named “Tom & Jerry”.   Renee Wilush

10-12  Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria were the three ships Columbus sailed.  Sharon Ragan

10-9  Pizza Planet was the pizza joint in Toy Story.  Terese Sanford

10-8  A pufferfish is a poisonous fish found in sushi.  Ted Thirion

10-7  Hootie & the Blowfish met at the University of South Carolina. Joseph Oates

10-6  Cracked Rear View was the first Hootie & the Blowfish album.  Mary Agnone

10-5  Luke Skywalker was a farmer before a Jedi. Amy Peddicord-Smith

10-2  Remember the Titans was the Denzel Washington football flick.  Courtney Roper

10-1  A werewolf transformation occurs with a full moon.  Theresa LaCivita

9-30  Lady and the Tramp shared a bowl of spaghetti & meatballs.  Jarek Esarco

9-29  Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter.  Toney Yancey

9-28  Aladdin’s third wish was to free the Genie.  Chrissy Cataline

9-25  Casey Kasem was the original American Top 40 host.  Lisa Miranda

9-24  Buggles sang the 80’s tune “Video killed the Radio Star.”    Jaye Patterson

9-23  Yogi Berra served in the Navy.  Kevin Baker

9-22  Halo was originally on the X Box game console.  Joann Mitzel

9-21  Pope John Paul II was the second pope elected in 1978.  Christopher Peyko

9-18 Goodfellas is the movie based on the book Wiseguy.  Sabrina Herliska

9-17  Ronald Reagan was California governor.  Jennifer Dirocco

9-16  Jim Henson created the Muppets.   Rosa Houston

9-15  Estelle Getty played Sophia on Golden Girls.   Tom Voytko

9-14   Super Mario Bros. celebrated 30 years.  Jerry Monroe

9-11  Cleveland Browns mascot is an elf.  Lenard White

9-10  Pittsburgh Steelers were originally called the Pirates.  Ralph Maravola

9-9  Merle Haggard’s band is called the Strangers.  William Happ

9-8  Siamese and American Bobtail are cats.  Chrystaline McArdle

9-7  Aloe Vera is good at relieving sunburn.  Angie Custer

9-4  Crocodile Hunter was Steve Irwin’s nickname.  Lisa Premec

9-3  If I die young was A Band Perry’s 1st hit.  Donna Sanetrick

9-2  Plow contest was a Canfield Fair event in the 1800’s.  Dee Kachurek

9-1 Hughes’ airplane is better known as The Spruce Goose. Melissa Olsen

8-31  Robert Englund played Freddy Kruger.   Shawn Riley

8-28  The Winner is the world’s largest, off-price fashion store.  Dorothy Downie

8-27  If it’s not “BOAK”, don’t fix it.  Lauren Trittschuh

8-26  Quality Mattress Outlet, nobody beats my papa’s prices.  Jean Anne Gove

8-25  Charlie Staples has a cup of love for you!  Karen Vespasian

8-24  Window World “stands by and on their windows.” Beverly Leombruno

8-21  Filo dough is used to make Greek pastry Baklava.  Linda Biggs

8-20 A pizza margherita has tomato sauce, cheese and basil.  Jack Carritz

8-19  Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV awards.  Nicole Nevison

8-18  Spaceship Earth is at Epcot Center.  Timmy Gremmels

8-17  Guardians of the Galaxy had a talking raccoon.  Allison Henson

8-14  President George H.W. Bush hates broccoli.   George Nuda

8-13  Oregon Trail is the classic video game.  Marlene Reagle

8-12  Caesar Cardini created the Caesar salad.  Stanley Brown

8-11 Pizza the Hut was a character in the Spaceballs movie.   Melissa Settle

8-10  Charles Darrow created the Monopoly game.  Cindy Custer

8-7 Donald Trump’s 1st wife Ivana was born in Czechoslovakia.  Lynda Lewis

8-6  Enola Gay was the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb.  Deanna White

8-5 German Beer Purity Law states only water, barley and hops.  Mark Hawkins

8-4 Shiitake and Portabello are types of mushrooms.  Natalie Stoddard

8-3  James Taylor sings Fire and Rain.  Lynne Nastase

7-31  Jimmy Hoffa’s middle name is Riddle.  Zoey Novak

7-30  Ruby is the birthstone for July.  Natalie Higbee

7-29  Albert Einstein posed the theory of relativity.  Jason Dunfee

7-28  New England & Manhattan are types of clam chowder.  Lenny Hodory

7-27  Optimus Prime goes from robot to semi truck.  Renee Zarlengo

7-24  Miley Cyrus will host the MTV video music awards.  Jackie Deere

7-23 A polygastric animal has multiple stomachs.  Beth-Ann Antonaccio

7-22 Kartomb was the horse’s name in the Godfather.  Mike Crosser

7-21  Genco Olive Oil was the front for the Corleone family.  Lisa Ginnetti

7-20  Moe Green was shot in the eye in the Godfather.  John Goodwin

7-17  SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.   Kimberly Gilmore

7-16  Oreo cookies come in Double Stuf variety.  Mariann Kromer

7-15  Pete Rose has the nickname Charlie Hustle.  Kitty Butler

7-14  Gregory Peck played the lead in To Kill a Mockingbird.  John Nutt

7-13  Dunder-Mifflin is a paper company on the Office.  Chrissy Goss

7-10  The hippocampus is found in the brain.  Lisa Jackson

7-9  Three under par in golf is called an Albatross.  Bobby Ross

7-8  Bogart played Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon.  Antonette Youhasz

7-7  Brie is a type of cheese.  Marilyn Rose

7-6  Hope Solo was on Dancing with the Stars.  Jack Tibolla

7-3  “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” is from JAWS.  Kathleen Heinzer

7-2  John Hancock was first to sign the Declaration of Independence.  Theresa Fletcher

7-1  Max Rockatansky is a character in Mad Max movies.  Gerald Teague


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