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Daybreak Question of the Day Contest

5-25  The Civil War was the war that initiated Memorial Day.  Deborah Andio

5-22  Snow White was the 1st Disney princess.  Marie Davis

5-21  Focaccia is a type of bread.  Christen Branca

5-20  Dalmation is the dog most associated with firefighters.  Pete Crowe

5-19  Katie Dugan’s dog is named Bailey.  Carol Balfour

5-18  Hostess makes Twinkie’s.   Anthony Morocco

5-15  B.B. King’s guitar is named Lucille.  Josh Cornell

5-14  Mimosa is champagne and orange juice.  Natalie Stoddard

5-13  Uggs are boots.  Brenda Bellito

5-12  Adele sings “Sets fire to the rain”.  Lori Shells

5-11 Moondog is mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  William Bricker

5-8   Christopher Walken was a lion tamer.   Linda Reader

5-7  Ted featured a talking teddy bear.  Vanessa Tortora

5-6  Bruce Banner is the HULK.  Faye Catalano

5-5  On Cinco De Mayo, Mexican army defeated France.  Griselda Martinez

5-4   Arches, whorls, and loops are on your fingertips.  Andrew Wilde

5-1  Man-o-war was a race horse.  Misha Mathur

4-30  A netty pot is used to clear sinuses.  John Pontuti

4-29  Seinfeld is the show about nothing.  Marti Altier

4-28  Magic 8 ball tells future or gives advice.  Tineka Patterson

4-27  Carpe diem means seize the day.  Sarah Trevis

4-24  Cher sang “Turn back time”.  Kate Addicott

4-23  Neapolitan is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.  James Pappada

4-22  Loch Ness Monster is in Scottish Highlands.  Sherri Meigs

4-21 Jim Delligatti created the big mac sandwich.  Amanda Leombruno

4-20  A funambulist is a tightrope walker.  Jeanna Gaitor

4-17  Don Henley is lead singer of the Eagles.  April Fulton

4-16  Foo Fighter is another name for a UFO.  Nicole Santana

4-15  Leo DiCaprio was Jack in Titanic.  Sherry Yacucci

4-14 Discovery, and Endeavour are space shuttle names.  Kelley Rich

4-13 Madonna did a cover of American Pie. Shelyne Ungar

4-10  Berry Garcia is a brand of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Vicky Bragalone

4-9  The seven dwarfs are miners.  Lisa Cox

4-8  Ghostbusters takes place in New York City.  Jessica Bever

4-7  Umbilicus is the belly button.  Sandy Armes

4-6  A Lipizzaner is a horse.  Chip Wertman

4-3  Hot Cross Buns are an Easter tradition.  Margaret Pawlik

4-2  Easter Island statues are huge heads.  Roger Sanchez

4-1  Scooby doo rode in Mystery Machine.  Yvonne Porterfield

3-31  Austin Powers was the agent Mike Myers played.  Dawn Devaney

3-30  Rin Tin Tin is a german sheperd.  David Hunt

3-27  Saccharin is a sugar substitute.  Michael Fancher

3-26  Jack Nicholson played Col. Jessup in A few good men.  Monti Griffiths

3-25  Potato was 1st vegetable grown in space.  Chelsea Thomas

3-24  Lacoste has a crocodile on their clothes.  Gerald Custer

3-23 Right foot red, left hand blue describes Twister game.  April Lawhorn

3-20  James Brown is the Godfather of soul.  Carole Prestley

3-19  Dick Vitale is a basketball announcer.  Denise Hafner

3-18  Lifesavers was the candy made same year of Titanic sinking.  Mark Dutton

3-17  Lucky Charms have a mascot named Lucky.  Lieli Rivera

3-16  Waxing and waning are moon phases.  Brad Kegarise

3-13  William Hershel discovered Uranus.  Elizabeth Ball

3-12   ‘Anticipation’ is sometimes called the Ketchup song. Becky Goterba

3-11   Raquel Welch was a pin-up in Shawshank Redemption. Shelly Calvin

3-10  Dionne Warwick and Andy Gibb hosted SOLID GOLD. Betty Crafter-Royal

3-9  Emmanuel Lewis played the role of Webster in the 80’s.  Trina Mechling

3-6  Harrison Ford turned down the role of Mike on All in the Family.  Gary Hudach

3-5  John Sylvan invented the Keurig coffee machine.  Elaine Strock

3-4  Martha Stewart was released from prison in 2005.  Robin Raynovich

3-3  Marie Osmond turned down a role in Grease.  John Zuzolo

3-2  Live long and prosper was Spock’s saying.  Karen Rupnik

2-27  Peppermint Patty is in the Peanuts strip.  Geneva Maher

2-26  Wonderboy was the name of the bat in the Natural movie.  Michael Post

2-25 Grimace is a mascot of McDonald’s.  Lisa Jeffries

2-24 Manatees are known as sea cows.  Renee Talabac

2-23  James Cameron scored best director with Titanic.  Tim Rodik

2-20  Whoopi Goldberg was the first female Oscar host.  Arthur Horn

2-19 The oldest best director is Clint Eastwood.  Lori Wormer

2-18  Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for “Philadelphia”.  Shareen Mashorda

2-17 Daniel Day-Lewis won the most Best Actor Oscars.  Wayne Tanner

2-16  Brian Epstein was the manager for the Beatles.  Terri Kish

2-13  Len and Jim were in the play the Odd Couple.  Janet Marstellar

2-12  Lisa is the Daybreak “personal” secretary.  Courtney Roper

2-11  The Godfather is a movie often referred to on Daybreak.  Tim Ohara

2-10  Daybreak is always on the lookout for the Chupacabra.  Kim Benson

2-9  Henry Mancini won the first album of the year.  Bill McIntyre

2-6  SpongeBob Squarepants lives at Bikini Bottom.  Mirella Torres

2-5  Norma Jean Baker is better known as Marilyn Monroe.  Deja Swiggett

2-4  Breaking Bad is the show about crystal meth.  Rosemary Labato

2-3  Nurse and hammerhead are types of shark.  Michael Fancher

2-2  Harold Ramis directed Groundhog day.  Lisa Clay

1-30  Miami Dolphins was the team Ace Ventura helped.  Heather Barnhouse

1-29  Oz is the land where the story “Wicked” takes place.  Kody Kriebel

1-28  The Queen of England owns a McDonald’s.  Diana Badger

1-27  Polar Bear is the ICEE mascot.  Michele Garman

1-26  Microsoft makes the X box.  Margaret Morgan

1-23 UNO is the game that has “skip” & “reverse” cards.  Sherri Meigs

1-22 Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.  Christine Jugenheimer

1-21 Skittles says to taste the rainbow.  Jessica Huff

1-20  Vespa is a scooter brand.  Elaine Baxter

1-19  Cryophobia is the fear of the cold.  Kimberly Carnegie

1-16  Buckeyes won the Fiesta bowl in 2002.  Joy Sypert

1-15 Hang on Sloopy is Ohio’s state song.  Jennifer Kellish

1-14  Eddie George played running back at OSU.  John Dibernardo

1-13 Urban Meyer’s 1st head coaching job Bowling Green. Ron Guidos

1-12  Paul Brown was coach of OSU in 1942 title year.  Dan Olbrych

1-9 Mr. Freeze fights Batman.  Joby Miller

1-8  Foreigner sings Cold as Ice.

1-7  James Gandolfini was in the Sopranos.  Elizabeth Felger

1-6  Will Farrell played Ron Burgundy.  Amber Auker

1-5 Pilsner and Stout are kinds of beers.  April Wolfe

1-2  Tom Hanks played a football player in Forest Gump. Tammy Feliciano

1-1  Regis Philbin filled in for Dick Clark in 2005.  Nathan Sarver

12-31  Godiva is a chocolate maker.  Margaret McCully

12-30  Garfield’s favorite food is lasagna.  Pierette Clapper

12-29  Yogi Bear is Bo Bo’s sidekick.  Tiera Odum

12-26  A cat is in Schrodinger’s Box.  Heather West

12-24  Turbo Man was the toy in Jingle All the Way.  Shanekka Trice

12-23  Tom Hanks voiced the conductor in Polar Express.  Melissa Mooney

12-22  Snoopy won the Holiday lights contest on the Peanuts.   Bruce Rigelsky

12-19  A top hat makes Frosty come to life.  Jerry Bortz

12-18  Lemon juice can be used as invisible ink.  Ramee Marinelli

12-17 Bel Air, Corsica, and El Camino are Chevys.  Carmella Tedesco

12-16  Energizer is the product with a pink bunny mascot.  Berman Gore

12-15  Professor Snape is in the Harry Potter series.   Jaden Karr

12-12  Marshmallow is Elsa’s snowy bodyguard.  Anna Bartoletti

12-11  Julia Child was once a spy for the USA.  Kris Shepley

12-10  Max is the Grinch’s dog.  Anita Chearno

12-9  The wet bandits were in the Home Alone movie.  Susan Scullen

12-8  King Moonracer rules the Island of Misfit Toys.  Cari Marshall

12-5  Mount Crumpet is the Grinch’s mountain home.  Christine Swartzlander

12-4  Mickey plays a sorcerer in Fantasia.  Jean Callahan

12-3  Fauntleroy is Donald Duck’s middle name.  Joshua Gurrera

12-2  Capybara is the world’s largest rodent.  Joni James

12-1  Deer hunter had a scene in a Struthers bowling alley.  Kristen Barricella

11-28 Oniomania is a shopping addiction.  Jared Pekar

11-27  President Bush sent pardoned turkeys to Disney World.  Mark Noel

11-26  The furcula is better known as the wishbone.  Veronica Crafter

11-25  Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.  Lori Womer

11-24  Matt Stone & Trey Parker created South Park.  Rhonda McCaman

11-21 Bangles did the Simon & Garfunkel song “Hazy shade of winter”.  Deb Andio

11-20  O’Shea Jackson is better known as Ice Cube.  Terri Klemann

11-19  Ice Man is a character in X men.  Rachel Wargo

11-18  Idina Menzel played Elsa in Frozen movie.  Katie Morar

11-17  Downhill racer is a movie about skiing.  Mark Budrovic

11-14  Mario Puzo wrote the Godfather.  Joyce Jarvis

11-13  Tony Danza played a housekeeper on “Who’s the Boss?”.  Jodie Straight

11-12  Oscar the grouch used to be orange.   Nicole Blumel

11-11  Veterans day was originally known as Armistice Day.  Ally Cooper

11-10  Quentin Tarrentino directed Pulp Fiction.  Chuck Aracich

11-7  Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV.  Nyotta Clarke

11-6  Chiquita is a banana processor.  Victoria Kindig

11-5  Top Gun was the movie with the Danger zone song.  Renee Eskins

11-4  Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose Party.  Jack Young

11-3  Hannah Montana is played by Miley Cirus.  Bobbijo Isenberg

10-31  Freddie Kruger has a glove with knives.  James Flanary

10-30  George Romero made zombie movies.  Michael Muersch

10-29  Charlie Brown got rocks for Halloween.  Virginia Reeser

10-28  Jamie Lee Curtis was the 70’s scream queen.  Ashton McKendrick

10-27 Snoopy dressed up as a WW 1 fighter pilot in Peanuts Great Pumpkin.   Rebecca Platt

10-24  Turnips were used as Jack-o-lanterns before pumpkins.  Chanda Walker

10-23  Bonnie Tyler sings Total eclipse of the heart.  Rose Knight

10-22  Nosferatu is a movie about what type of creature?  Myrna Torres

10-21  Bee Gees had album Cucumber Castle.  Chuck York

10-20  Pasta LINGUINE is Italian for “little tongues”.  Cindy Holbrook

10-17  Golden bear is nickname for Jack Nicklaus.  Norene Kenyhercz

10-16  Grimace is Ronald McDonald’s purple friend.   Linda Ference

10-15  Porky Pig is famous for saying “that’s all folks!”  Derinda Seitz

10-14  RC in RC Cola stands for Royal Crown.  Leslie Obradovich

10-13  A baby turkey is called a poult.  James Clark

10-10 Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss in The Hunger Games.  Sabrina Dempsey

10-9  Ben Affleck played superhero Daredevil.   Luke Friddle

10-8   Spelunking involves exploring caves.  Cory Liston

10-7 Dom Perignon is champagne.  Jennie Virgaletto

10-6   Eeyore is a donkey.  Michael Jordan

10-3  Wall-E was in charge of cleaning trash.  Judy MacGregor

10-2  Snow White was the 1st Disney full feature animated movie.  Jeanne Smith

10-1  Beauty and the Beast had a talking teapot and clock.  Martha Cumberledge

9-30  Baloo is a bear in the Jungle book.  Jill Gettings

9-29  Monsters Inc. use screams from kids to power their factory.    Laura Rosa

9-26  Dora was the fish famous for saying, “just keep swimming.”  Mike Pokego

9-25  Ariel traded her voice for legs in Little Mermaid.  Ivanna Neapolitan

9-24 Olaf the snowman likes “warm hugs”.   Michelle Brady-Morocco

9-23  Woody’s horse in Toy Story is named “Bullseye”  Michelle Garmin

9-22  Arendelle is the land of Elsa and Anna in FROZEN.  Stephen McCumber

9-19  Mel Gibson played William Wallace in Braveheart.  Kala Veon

9-18  Donald Duck wears a sailor suit.  Joe Merlo

9-17  Dr. Frank-n-further is from Rocky Horror Picture show.  Madison Vanover

9-16  Randy Savage had the nickname Macho Man.  Marissa Amicone

9-15  General Lee was the car in Dukes of Hazard.  Kris Figinsky

9-12  The Hangover movie featured Mike Tyson.  Jonathan Coe

9-11  Deep Blue was a chess playing computer.  Darlene Knarr

9-10 Super Mario eats mushrooms to get bigger.   My-Khael Ruffin

9-9  Bob Hope would carry around a golf club.  Annie Ryan

9-8  The Rat in Ratatouille wanted to be a chef.  Sharon Martinko

9-5  Miami Dolphins was the NFL team featured in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Christopher Dawes

9-4  Al dente means firm to the bite. Ralph Maravola

9-3  Marty’s high school in Back to the Future is Hill Valley High.  Taylor Erdel

9-2  Back to school is the movie with Rodney Dangerfield going to college.  Joanne Rich

9-1  Jenny was Forrest Gump’s girlfriend.  Pat Harbison

8-29  Bill Murray played Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters.   Nicole Melia

8-28  Thor is the mythical namesake for the day THURSDAY.  Coretta Burch

8-27  Chester Cheetah is mascot for Cheetos.  Angel Hill

8-26  M & M’s melt in your mouth, not in your hand.  Elena Cruz

8-25  Krusty Krab is in SpongeBob Square pants show.  Samantha Fink

8-22  Pizza is the favored food of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Brennen Rutherford

8-21  A Pikachu is a Pokémon.  Kimberly Parrish

8-20  Arnold Schwarzenegger said the line “I’ll be back.”  Tremaine Alexander

8-19  Superman’s weakness is kryptonite.  Guy Ague

8-18  If you rubbed the LAMP, the genie would appear in Alladin.  Denise Ahart

8-15  Robin Williams played a med student in Patch Adams. Darla Bussinger

8-14  Robin Williams played Popeye in the 1980 movie.  Margaret McCully

8-13  Robin Williams won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting.  Nick Borucki

8-12  Mork was from the planet Ork.  Pam Beadles

8-11 Ghostbusters giant monster was a marshmallow man.  Robin Higgens

8-8  Jack Russell and Yorkshire are types of terrier dogs.  Jennifer Belknap

8-7  Moe, Curly and Larry are the three stooges.  Melanie Cummings

8-6  Angus Young is in the band AC/DC.  Michael Machi

8-5  Robert DeNiro was star of Raging Bull.  Elizabeth Morrison

8-4  Dihydrogen monoxide is better known as water.  Kathy Ricci

8-1  Mtv launched on August 1st, 1981. Kim Popella

7-31  Jimmy Hoffa went missing on July 31st, 1975. Elaine Majetich

7-30  The Troggs took Wild Thing to #1.    Robert Brocker, Jr.

7-29  Beehive and French Braid are hairstyles.  Cindy Cartet

7-28  A vespa is a motor bike.  Lorna Pawlowsky

7-25  Buzz Aldren was the first to “tinkle” on the moon!  Patrecka Adams

7-24  Dr. Xavier is the leader of the X men group.  Pierette Clapper

7-23  Tolkien wrote the Lord of the rings.  Bernie Palya

7-22 Cerumen is commonly known as earwax.  Cathy Dorus

7-21  Prince made Purple Rain.   Ruby Madden

7-18  Star Trek has the phrase “live long and prosper”.  Dave Sump

7-17  Sylvester is a cat.  Roger Sanchez

7-16 Hasbro makes toys.  Kelly Bowell

7-15  Musician SLASH plays guitar.  Joella Rozzi

7-14  Wooly bear turns into a moth.  Joe Nudo

7-11  Tickling the ivories means playing piano.  Steve Grier

7-10  An herbivore is a plant eating animal.  Randi Russell

7-9  Jack jumped over a candle stick.  Rick Pesa

7-8  Mel Gibson starred in Braveheart.  Greg Bookwalter

7-7  Good Humor makes ice cream treats.  Mary Sliwinski

7-4  Tom Cruise starred in Born on the Fourth of July.  Debra Carter

7-3  Doc Brown turned a car into a time machine.  Karen Vespasian

7-2  Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros.  Dawn Kilgore

7-1  Wheaties is the breakfast of champions.  Virginia Reeser

6-30  Dan Brown wrote the Da Vinci Code.  Amanda Peyatt

6-27  Fred Rogers sang, “won’t you be my neighbor?”  Kaila Alderman

6-26  Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat.  Gwen Currence

6-25 Dumb and Dumber was the Jim Carrey movie.  Karen Barnwell

6-24  CK 1 and Chanel No. 5 are perfumes.   Leeann Mayle

6-23  Excalibur was King Arthur’s sword.  Gene Coudreit

6-20  The Village People was the band with a construction worker and cowboy.  Cindy Garofali

6-19  Ellen Ripley was the main character in the ALIEN series.  Brian Sexton

6-18  Rotelle is the pasta that looks like wagon wheels.  Debbie Andio

6-17  Crane kick was used in Karate Kid.   Chrissy Goss

6-16  American Top 40 countdown started on the 4th of July, 1970.  Jodi Baylor

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