Question of the Day answers and winners

5-27  Frank Epperson invented Popsicles.    Seannille McRae

5-26   Aglet is the plastic piece on a shoe string.  Wendy Gilliland

5-25   Star Wars premiered on this date in 1977.  David Cummins

5-24  Angela Lansbury was star of Murder, She Wrote.   Carlena Patton

5-23  Ken Jennings had the longest run as a contestant on Jeopardy.  Rebecca Thomas

5-20   Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh were Lethal Weapon characters.  Michael Heinzer

5-19  Dos Equis is the beer with the most interesting man in the world ads.  Mark Sarver

5-18  Fireball is a whiskey flavored with Cinnamon.  Tina Bulatko

5-17  Tom Skerritt’s call-sign in Top Gun was VIPER.  Susan Lenhart

5-16 Lionel Richie was in the Commodores.  Debra McCarley

5-13  You should throw salt over the shoulder to avoid bad luck.  Kim Bowshot

5-12  Chucky was the villain in the Child’s Play movies.  Kitty Butler

5-11 Beanie Babies was the stuffed animal fad of the 1990’s.   Jazzie Williams

5-10  Morgan Freeman played the President of the USA in Deep Impact.   Kendall Reviere

5-9  Moscato and Syrah are wines.  Carrie Watson

5-6  Captain America fought in World War II.  Kiera Kennedy

5-5  Triple Sec is the missing ingredient for Margarita.  Lisa Chaibo

5-4  Peter Mayhew is the actor in the Chewbacca outfit!    Brandy Molden

5-3 Sylvester the Cat says “Sufferin’ Succotash”.  Patti Straitis

5-2  Baloo is a bear in the Jungle Book story.  Ashlie Reed

4-29  Oxeye and Painted are types of Daisy.  Garrett Wittman

4-28  Chevy Vega was made at Lordstown from 1971-1977.  Ernest Bevan

4-27  Sultan of Swat was a Babe Ruth nickname.  Tracy Gonzalez

4-26  President George H.W. Bush got sick at a banquet in JAPAN.  Frank Arundel

4-25  Harvey Dent  was the name of the villain Two-Face.  Leslie Kloc

4-22  The New Power Generation was Prince’s backing band after the Revolution.  David Shafer

4-21 Rosie Ruiz cheated in the Boston Marathon.  Lou Ann Richmond

4-20 John Goodman played Walter in The Big Lebowski.  Jonathon Doland

4-19  Garlic is sometimes called “Bronx Vanilla”  Derinda Seitz

4-18  The Beatles performed the song “Taxman”  Inger Oakes

4-15  Royal Mail Steamer is what the RMS stands for in RMS Titanic.  Greg Hohloch

4-14  Daniel Day-Lewis played Lincoln in the 2012 movie.  Roger Sanchez

4-13 President Rutherford B. Hayes had the first phone installed in the White House.  Kathleen Heinzer

4-12  Clark Kent worked at the Daily Planet.   Dianne Ifft

4-11 Pig’s blood was spilled on Carrie in the book and movie.  Adrienne Hetmanski

4-8 Bette Midler sang with Barry Mannilow on the song, “On a Slow Boat to China”.  Dave Graora

4-7  Merle Haggard served time in San Quentin prison.  Josephine Martelli

4-6  Barry Manilow wrote the jingle to State Farm Insurance.  Joanne Jordan

4-5 Sweet Life: Adventures on the way to paradise is Barry Manilow’s autobiography.  Lorna Pawlosky

4-4  Mandy was originally to be called “Brandy” by Barry Manilow.  Kathy Flickinger

4-1  Atari released Asteroids in 1979.  Hilda Roman

3-31 Tiramisu means “Pick me up” in Italian.   Amanda Anderson

3-30  Rudy movie was based on a Notre Dame football player.  Cheri Green

3-29  Godzilla is a metaphor for nuclear weapons.  Larry Deezee

3-28  Blinky is the three-eyed fish on the Simpsons.  Ron Logur

3-25  Vincent Price appeared on Thriller song and also 1956’s Ten Commandments.   Amy Fusselman

3-24  It is illegal to dye a live chick in Ohio and Pennsylvania.   Mary Quinn

3-23  Glenn Close boiled a bunny in Fatal Attraction.  Clarissa Seeger

3-22 Louis L’Amore is the author who worked as a longshoreman and fruit picker.  Abbey Crawford

3-21  Easter Egg Roll is a White House tradition since 1878.  Mary Schemelia

3-18  Lou Groen created the Filet O’ Fish sandwich.  Brenda Grant

3-17  Pinching is a punishment for failing to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  Holly McNess

3-16  Washington was the only President to get all of the electoral votes.  Kim Jones

3-15  Mickey Mouse was the first character on a lunch box.  Barbara Corey

3-14  Tiger was the Brady Bunch Dog’s name.  Dolan Ady

3-11  Miley Cirus sings “Wrecking Ball”.  Russell Monroe

3-10  Chuck Norris starred in “Missing in Action”.   Brian Liehn

3-9  Paul McCartney & Wings sang “Live and Let Die” for a Bond movie.  Polly Liscic

3-8  Mrs. Butterworth’s first name is Joy.   Mary Gonda

3-7  Hellcats of the Navy starred Ronald & Nancy Reagan.  Lynn Gelles

3-4  John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.  Barbara Leckwart

3-3 The Philadelphia Toboggan Company made the Idora Carousel.   Edward Heatley

3-2  Oh the places you will go was the last Dr. Seuss book released in his lifetime.   Kelly Byrne

3-1  Elvis loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.   Michelle Laforce

2-29  Leo  DiCaprio played Howard Hughes in the Aviator.  Lou Nuda

2-26  Snow and King are types of Crab.  Donna Tibolla

2-25  The Louisville Lip is an early nick-name for Muhammad Ali.  Billie Jo Catanzarite

2-24  The Neon Cowboy in Las Vegas is named Vegas Vic.   Terri Bolevich

2-23  February 23rd is National Banana Bread Day.  Carol Yohn

2-22  Rocky won best picture in 1977.  Jane Dever

2-19  Poison sings “Every Rose has it’s Thorns”.   Chad Deming

2-18  Good Humor started here in Youngstown.  Sarah Studer

2-17  Rodda Company originally made Peeps.  Ramee Marinelli

2-16  Empire Strikes Back starts on the planet Hoff.  Ron Runtas

2-15  Socks was the Clinton’s Cat.  Val Rodriguez

2-12  Noodling is fishing by grabbing a fish by hand.  Robert Oliver

2-11  Garry Kasparov is an expert at Chess.  Ashley Forbes

2-10 Morris Buttermaker is the Little League coach from Bad News Bears.  Lisa Ross

2-9  A Toy Baby is the lucky trinket in a Fat Tuesday King Cake.   Ingrid Duquette

2-8  George H.W. Bush does not like broccoli.  Kathy Brocker

2-5  Budweiser used three frogs in a Super Bowl ad in the 90’s.   Candy Falkner

2-4  Michael Jackson performed at Super Bowl 1993.    Natalie Bozin

2-3  Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon played Hans & Franz bodybuilders on SNL.  Michael Latessa

2-2  Bill Murray played Bob in “What about Bob?”  Patti Herman

2-1  Barney is a T-Rex Dinosaur.   Kelly Connors







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