Question of the Day answers and winners

Daybreak Question of the Day Contest

9-2  Plow contest was a Canfield Fair event in the 1800’s.  Dee Kachurek

9-1 Hughes’ airplane is better known as The Spruce Goose. Melissa Olsen

8-31  Robert Englund played Freddy Kruger.   Shawn Riley

8-28  The Winner is the world’s largest, off-price fashion store.  Dorothy Downie

8-27  If it’s not “BOAK”, don’t fix it.  Lauren Trittschuh

8-26  Quality Mattress Outlet, nobody beats my papa’s prices.  Jean Anne Gove

8-25  Charlie Staples has a cup of love for you!  Karen Vespasian

8-24  Window World “stands by and on their windows.” Beverly Leombruno

8-21  Filo dough is used to make Greek pastry Baklava.  Linda Biggs

8-20 A pizza margherita has tomato sauce, cheese and basil.  Jack Carritz

8-19  Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV awards.  Nicole Nevison

8-18  Spaceship Earth is at Epcot Center.  Timmy Gremmels

8-17  Guardians of the Galaxy had a talking raccoon.  Allison Henson

8-14  President George H.W. Bush hates broccoli.   George Nuda

8-13  Oregon Trail is the classic video game.  Marlene Reagle

8-12  Caesar Cardini created the Caesar salad.  Stanley Brown

8-11 Pizza the Hut was a character in the Spaceballs movie.   Melissa Settle

8-10  Charles Darrow created the Monopoly game.  Cindy Custer

8-7 Donald Trump’s 1st wife Ivana was born in Czechoslovakia.  Lynda Lewis

8-6  Enola Gay was the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb.  Deanna White

8-5 German Beer Purity Law states only water, barley and hops.  Mark Hawkins

8-4 Shiitake and Portabello are types of mushrooms.  Natalie Stoddard

8-3  James Taylor sings Fire and Rain.  Lynne Nastase

7-31  Jimmy Hoffa’s middle name is Riddle.  Zoey Novak

7-30  Ruby is the birthstone for July.  Natalie Higbee

7-29  Albert Einstein posed the theory of relativity.  Jason Dunfee

7-28  New England & Manhattan are types of clam chowder.  Lenny Hodory

7-27  Optimus Prime goes from robot to semi truck.  Renee Zarlengo

7-24  Miley Cyrus will host the MTV video music awards.  Jackie Deere

7-23 A polygastric animal has multiple stomachs.  Beth-Ann Antonaccio

7-22 Kartomb was the horse’s name in the Godfather.  Mike Crosser

7-21  Genco Olive Oil was the front for the Corleone family.  Lisa Ginnetti

7-20  Moe Green was shot in the eye in the Godfather.  John Goodwin

7-17  SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.   Kimberly Gilmore

7-16  Oreo cookies come in Double Stuf variety.  Mariann Kromer

7-15  Pete Rose has the nickname Charlie Hustle.  Kitty Butler

7-14  Gregory Peck played the lead in To Kill a Mockingbird.  John Nutt

7-13  Dunder-Mifflin is a paper company on the Office.  Chrissy Goss

7-10  The hippocampus is found in the brain.  Lisa Jackson

7-9  Three under par in golf is called an Albatross.  Bobby Ross

7-8  Bogart played Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon.  Antonette Youhasz

7-7  Brie is a type of cheese.  Marilyn Rose

7-6  Hope Solo was on Dancing with the Stars.  Jack Tibolla

7-3  “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” is from JAWS.  Kathleen Heinzer

7-2  John Hancock was first to sign the Declaration of Independence.  Theresa Fletcher

7-1  Max Rockatansky is a character in Mad Max movies.  Gerald Teague

6-30  Bing and Maraschino are types of cherries.  Shawna Cline

6-29  Zack Morris & Kelly Kapowski are Saved by the Bell characters.  Josh Guererra

6-26  Beverly DeAngelo was Clark’s wife in Vacation.  John Sigley

6-25  Madonna had the Blonde Ambition Tour.  Michelle Clark

6-24  Reese Witherspoon starred in Legally Blonde. Shirley Jo Nemec

6-23  Blondie was comic strip with Dagwood.  Genie Longstreth

6-22  Debbie Harry is singer of Blondie.   Paul Liccardi

6-19  Sassafrass is used to make root beer.  Sandra Ramos

6-18  HAL was a computer in 2001: Space Odyssey.  Mark Ullery

6-17  Gone in 60 seconds was about stealing 50 cars.   Roger Sanchez

6-16  Everglades are in Florida.  Diane Drapp

6-15  Chess uses bishops and knights.  George Beharry III

6-12  Harry was bigfoot in Harry & the Hendersons.  Jacky Treharne

6-11 Matt Dellevedova played for St. Mary’s College of California.  Irma Rivera

6-10 Karl Malone is the NBA player known as the “mailman”.  Greg Davern

6-9  Fish that Saved Pittsburgh was the 70’s basketball film.  Rich Marstellar

6-8  A horse less than 2 years old is called a foal.   Lorna Pawlosky

6-5  Homer’s favorite donut is pink icing with sprinkles.  Marlon Williamson

6-4  Cavs lost last NBA final to San Antonio Spurs.  Keyonna Jennings

6-3  Pisa is famous for the Leaning tower.  Mike Hafner

6-2  Jarhead is nickname for a marine.  Clara Lemon

6-1  Wizard of Oz featured a pair of ruby slippers.    Donna Butler

5-29  Back to the Future 2 and 3 featured a hoverboard.   Karen Logar

5-28  John Pinkerton made Coca-Cola.  Sherry Poyssick

5-27  What would you do for a KLONDIKE BAR.  Cindy Raghanti

5-26  Samuel L. Jackson was star of Snakes on a Plane.  Cindi Pantea

5-25  The Civil War was the war that initiated Memorial Day.  Deborah Andio

5-22  Snow White was the 1st Disney princess.  Marie Davis

5-21  Focaccia is a type of bread.  Christen Branca

5-20  Dalmation is the dog most associated with firefighters.  Pete Crowe

5-19  Katie Dugan’s dog is named Bailey.  Carol Balfour

5-18  Hostess makes Twinkie’s.   Anthony Morocco

5-15  B.B. King’s guitar is named Lucille.  Josh Cornell

5-14  Mimosa is champagne and orange juice.  Natalie Stoddard

5-13  Uggs are boots.  Brenda Bellito

5-12  Adele sings “Sets fire to the rain”.  Lori Shells

5-11 Moondog is mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  William Bricker

5-8   Christopher Walken was a lion tamer.   Linda Reader

5-7  Ted featured a talking teddy bear.  Vanessa Tortora

5-6  Bruce Banner is the HULK.  Faye Catalano

5-5  On Cinco De Mayo, Mexican army defeated France.  Griselda Martinez

5-4   Arches, whorls, and loops are on your fingertips.  Andrew Wilde

5-1  Man-o-war was a race horse.  Misha Mathur

4-30  A netty pot is used to clear sinuses.  John Pontuti

4-29  Seinfeld is the show about nothing.  Marti Altier

4-28  Magic 8 ball tells future or gives advice.  Tineka Patterson

4-27  Carpe diem means seize the day.  Sarah Trevis

4-24  Cher sang “Turn back time”.  Kate Addicott

4-23  Neapolitan is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.  James Pappada

4-22  Loch Ness Monster is in Scottish Highlands.  Sherri Meigs

4-21 Jim Delligatti created the big mac sandwich.  Amanda Leombruno

4-20  A funambulist is a tightrope walker.  Jeanna Gaitor

4-17  Don Henley is lead singer of the Eagles.  April Fulton

4-16  Foo Fighter is another name for a UFO.  Nicole Santana

4-15  Leo DiCaprio was Jack in Titanic.  Sherry Yacucci

4-14 Discovery, and Endeavour are space shuttle names.  Kelley Rich

4-13 Madonna did a cover of American Pie. Shelyne Ungar

4-10  Berry Garcia is a brand of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Vicky Bragalone

4-9  The seven dwarfs are miners.  Lisa Cox

4-8  Ghostbusters takes place in New York City.  Jessica Bever

4-7  Umbilicus is the belly button.  Sandy Armes

4-6  A Lipizzaner is a horse.  Chip Wertman

4-3  Hot Cross Buns are an Easter tradition.  Margaret Pawlik

4-2  Easter Island statues are huge heads.  Roger Sanchez

4-1  Scooby doo rode in Mystery Machine.  Yvonne Porterfield

3-31  Austin Powers was the agent Mike Myers played.  Dawn Devaney

3-30  Rin Tin Tin is a german sheperd.  David Hunt

3-27  Saccharin is a sugar substitute.  Michael Fancher

3-26  Jack Nicholson played Col. Jessup in A few good men.  Monti Griffiths

3-25  Potato was 1st vegetable grown in space.  Chelsea Thomas

3-24  Lacoste has a crocodile on their clothes.  Gerald Custer

3-23 Right foot red, left hand blue describes Twister game.  April Lawhorn

3-20  James Brown is the Godfather of soul.  Carole Prestley

3-19  Dick Vitale is a basketball announcer.  Denise Hafner

3-18  Lifesavers was the candy made same year of Titanic sinking.  Mark Dutton

3-17  Lucky Charms have a mascot named Lucky.  Lieli Rivera

3-16  Waxing and waning are moon phases.  Brad Kegarise

3-13  William Hershel discovered Uranus.  Elizabeth Ball

3-12   ‘Anticipation’ is sometimes called the Ketchup song. Becky Goterba

3-11   Raquel Welch was a pin-up in Shawshank Redemption. Shelly Calvin

3-10  Dionne Warwick and Andy Gibb hosted SOLID GOLD. Betty Crafter-Royal

3-9  Emmanuel Lewis played the role of Webster in the 80’s.  Trina Mechling

3-6  Harrison Ford turned down the role of Mike on All in the Family.  Gary Hudach

3-5  John Sylvan invented the Keurig coffee machine.  Elaine Strock

3-4  Martha Stewart was released from prison in 2005.  Robin Raynovich

3-3  Marie Osmond turned down a role in Grease.  John Zuzolo

3-2  Live long and prosper was Spock’s saying.  Karen Rupnik

2-27  Peppermint Patty is in the Peanuts strip.  Geneva Maher

2-26  Wonderboy was the name of the bat in the Natural movie.  Michael Post

2-25 Grimace is a mascot of McDonald’s.  Lisa Jeffries

2-24 Manatees are known as sea cows.  Renee Talabac

2-23  James Cameron scored best director with Titanic.  Tim Rodik

2-20  Whoopi Goldberg was the first female Oscar host.  Arthur Horn

2-19 The oldest best director is Clint Eastwood.  Lori Wormer

2-18  Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for “Philadelphia”.  Shareen Mashorda

2-17 Daniel Day-Lewis won the most Best Actor Oscars.  Wayne Tanner

2-16  Brian Epstein was the manager for the Beatles.  Terri Kish

2-13  Len and Jim were in the play the Odd Couple.  Janet Marstellar

2-12  Lisa is the Daybreak “personal” secretary.  Courtney Roper

2-11  The Godfather is a movie often referred to on Daybreak.  Tim Ohara

2-10  Daybreak is always on the lookout for the Chupacabra.  Kim Benson

2-9  Henry Mancini won the first album of the year.  Bill McIntyre

2-6  SpongeBob Squarepants lives at Bikini Bottom.  Mirella Torres

2-5  Norma Jean Baker is better known as Marilyn Monroe.  Deja Swiggett

2-4  Breaking Bad is the show about crystal meth.  Rosemary Labato

2-3  Nurse and hammerhead are types of shark.  Michael Fancher

2-2  Harold Ramis directed Groundhog day.  Lisa Clay


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