Question of the Day answers and winners


10-17 Saying Beetlejuice 3 times brings out Beetlejuice.  Lynn Hardy

10-16  Larry King and Casey Kasem were in the movie Ghostbusters.  Martha Cumberledge

10-13  Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.  Billie Catanzarite

10-12 ‘Enjoy your meal’ is what Smacznego means in Polish. Elizabeth Petak

10-11 Bambi was Walt Disney’s personal favorite Disney movie. Michael Horvath

10-10  Desynchronosis and circadian dysrhythmia are the medical terms for Jet Lag.  James McCullough

10-9  Columbus Day become a federal holiday in 1937. Timmy Gremmels

10-6   Babe Ruth hit three homers against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1926.  Rose Stickel

10-5  President Harry Truman gave the first televised presidential address in 1947.  Karen Vespasian

10-4  Mount Rushmore construction started on this day in 1927.  Jim Looman

10-3  Tom Cruise sang the Tom Petty song Free Fallin’  in the movie Jerry Maguire.  Kelly Warchol

10-2  Carl was the janitor’s name in the 1985 movie, The Breakfast Club.  Cass Thornton

9-29  The best part of waking up is FOLGERS in your cup. Shawn Raley

9-28  Dog mushing is the official sport of Alaska.  Harvey Hays

9-27  Hans Sloane invented chocolate milk.  Kemberly Shaw

9-26 Sherwood Schwartz created The Brady Bunch in 1969.  Kenny Braho

9-25  Bobby McFerrin’s one-hit wonder is Don’t worry, be happy.  Joanne Jordan

9-22  Joan Marie Larkin is better known as Joan Jett.  Robert Brocker

9-21  Revenge of the Nerds featured the fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity.  Bo Ragan

9-20  Billie Jean King and Bobby RIggs had a tennis match in 1973.    Pam Krossman

9-19  Whistling is a bad omen on a pirate ship.  Ken Schriner

9-18  Big Kahuna Burger is a burger place from Pulp Fiction.  Barbara Holloway

9-15  Bluetiful is the newest crayon color.  Dan Durkin

9-14  Ring King Junior is a donut maker.  Shirley Johnson

9-13  Fluffernutter sandwich has peanut butter and marshmellow crème.  Carolyn Jernigan

9-12  Jimmy Buffett sings “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season.”  Ann Aurilio

9-11  Harvey Ball was famous for creating the yellow smiley face.  Helene Brocious

9-8  Jonathan Taylor Thomas is famous for acting in Home Improvement.  Sharon Whims

9-7  Uncle Sam is the nickname for the United States.  Victoria Schuette

9-6  If you make four cornholes in a row you get to sign the board.  Don Baughman

9-5  The outer edge of pizza, we call crust, is actually called cornicione.  (cor-ne-CHOO-ney)  Courtney Mallory

9-4  Oregon was the first state to make Labor day a national holiday.  Cynthia Bokesch

9-1  Keith Urban names John Mellencamp as his musical inspiration.  Steve Pecchia

8-31 In 1962, the rooster officially became the trademark of the Canfield Fair.  Yvonne Berlin

8-30  Blisters is the #1 ailment treated at the Canfield Fair each year.  Gary Thomas

8-29 The Tractor, invented in 1880,revolutionized farming.  Ben Prather

8-28  It’s a fashion faux pas to wear white after labor day.  Morgan Durett

8-25  Wizard of Oz was released August 25th, 1939.  Theodore Jackson

8-24  Zac Brown Band’s first #1 hit was “Chicken Fried”.  Denise Milano

8-23  Christopher Cross sings “Ride Like the Wind”.  Tiffaney Simon

8-22  Richard G. Drew invented adhesive tape.  John Zuzolo

8-21  Mitsubishi makes the eclipse car.  Christina Grannison

8-18  Bonnie Tyler sings Total Eclipse of the Heart.   Diane Sarver

8-17  Romano is the cheese you find on Brier Hill Pizza.  Nancy Ponziani

8-16  Elvis is associated with blue suede shoes.  Mel Bancroft

8-15  Woodstock Festival was staged in Bethel, New York in 1969.  Renee Wire

8-14  Walter Diemer invented bubble gum.  Christopher Romandetti

8-11 Nicole Polizzi is better known as Snooki.  Laura Gilcher

8-10  Ford motor company made the Pinto.  Rich Cisco

8-9   Norville Rogers is the real name of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Linda Bowman

8-8  Clara Peller said “Where’s the Beef” in a 80’s Wendy’s ad.  Cheryl Previtte

8-7  D-Day codename was called Operation Overlord.  Robin Higgins

8-4  Roomba is a carpet-cleaning robot.  Barb Posterli

8-3  American Pharaoh was the last triple crown winner.  Phil  Rigelsky

8-2  Bumblebee is a transforming Chevy Camaro.  Mike Reider

8-1  Les Paul was famous for guitars.  Jeanne Sudimak

7-31  The Lion, the Witch, and the WARDROBE.  Ericka Weaver

7-28  Cincinnati is famous for chili.  Janet Elia

7-27  Escape is the title of the Pina Colada song.  Sandi Page

7-26   Bagels originally came from Poland.  Jacob Wall

7-25  Superman has a weakness to Kryptonite.  Meagan Uhl

7-24  Eye of the Tiger was featured in Rocky III.  Kathy Brocker

7-21  Cavatelli means “Little Hollows”.  Sherri Chance

7-20 Neil Armstrong’s lunar module was called Eagle.  Megan Grant

7-19  Feliks Zemdegs has the world record for completing the Rubik’s Cube.  Timothy Colaizzi

7-18  Stevie Nicks is nicknamed the White Witch.  Doris Cramer

7-17 Dawn of the Dead was filmed in the Monroeville Mall.  Emily Miller

7-14  Dr. Dre started the headphone company BEATS.  Valerie Hooks

7-13  Statue of Liberty is the monument shown at the end of the 1968 movie ” Planet of the Apes”?  John Mechling

7-12  People with heterochromia have what Two different colored eyes.  Roselynn Gadd

7-11 Fritos is the brand of chips used in a walking taco.   Beth Foley

7-10  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was searching for The Holy Grail.  Kenneth Kolatt

7-7  David Evans Strickler created The Banana Split.  Kim Little

7-6  KFC debuted a sandwich with chicken replacing bread, with chicken in the middle.  Rosalind Currie

7-5  The Mustard Belt is the name of the award for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Barbara Holloway

7-4   Cruel Summer by Bananarama was the name of the Summer-themed song from Karate Kid. James McCullough

7-3  Heinz Ketchup used Carly Simon’s  song “Anticipation” in an ad campaign in 1979.  Virginia Skarada

6-30  New Castle, PA is known as the Fireworks Capital of the World.  Andy McGee

6-29  Caesar Cardini is famous for creating the Caesar salad.

6-28  Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear in the boxing ring.  Val Rodriguez

6-27  Wayfarer and Aviator are types of sunglasses.  Coretta Burch

6-26  Oranges were visible before a death in the Godfather films.  Trista Goss

6-23  Smoky, a Yorkshire Terrier who served in WWII, is buried in Lakewood, Ohio  Shannon Reardon

6-22  The state pie of Florida is Key Lime Pie.  Philip Holton

6-21  Bumblebee is a transforming Chevy Camaro.  Kate Addicott

6-20  I Melt with You was a one-hit wonder for Modern English.  Kathy Pavlina

6-19  Coca-cola was first company to offer coupons.  Amy Barger

6-16  F-14a Tomcat is the style of jet featured in Top Gun.  Ben Holderman

6-15  NBA player Dennis Rodman was nicknamed the Worm.  Jennifer Croyts

6-14  Mystery Machine is the name of Scooby Doo’s van.  Natalie Bozin

6-13  Frank Epperson created popsicles. Amanda Anderson

6-12  Cesar Romero played the Joker on the 1960’s Batman TV show.  Tod Trask

6-9  Clarence Nash was the long time voice of Donald Duck.  William Dollman

6-8  Liberty City and Vice City are in the Grand Theft Auto video game.  Takelia Beck

6-7  Patella is better known as the knee cap.  Jackie Bosker

6-6  Richard T. James invented the toy SLINKY.  Sandy Schooley

6-5  Nintendo made playing cards before video games.  Destiny Sanders

6-2  Lard Lad Donuts is on the TV show the Simpsons.  Erica Wyant

6-1  Lebron James played wide receiver in high school football.  Bob Moody

5-31  Wonder Woman has the Lasso of TRUTH.  Geneva Rayford

5-30 The Masters was the first major golf tournament won by Tiger Woods.  Michael Jordan

5-29  Red Poppy is the official flower of Memorial Day.   Aaliyah Jones

5-26 This year’s Indy 500 pace car driver, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the Walking Dead.   Megan McGuire

5-25  Chewbacca doesn’t get a medal in end of the first Star Wars.  Beverly Leombruno

5-24  Live and let die was the first James Bond movie featuring Roger Moore.  Maureen Carosone

5-23  Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac.  Erin Acklin

5-22 Cher won an Academy award for Moonstruck.  Kali Shank

5-19  Dr. Gordon Klatt is responsible for starting Relay for Life event.  Cheryl Strait

5-18  Andouille and chorizo are types of sausage.  Karen Rentz

5-17  FBI investigated the song “Louie, Louie” in 1965.  Tracie Blakeley

5-16  Harold von Braunhut is famous for selling Sea Monkeys in the back of comic books.  Gayle Holton

5-15  SkyNet was in the Terminator series.  Charlene Theiss

5-12  Florence Henderson played Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch.  Wanda Baker

5-11  Oolong, green, and white are types of tea.  Amanda Louk

5-10 GI Joe was the doll that had a kung-fu grip.  Ruth Redding

5-9  CIA tried to train cats to spy on the Russians during the Cold War.  Tomilyn Albrecht

5-8  Dr. No was first James Bond movie.  Tracy Noble

5-5  Alan Shepard was the first American to go into space.  Kayla Klamer

5-4  Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the dog of choice for England royalty.  Kristina Carson

5-3  James Brown is the Godfather of Soul.  Deana Bode

5-2  McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal in June 1979.  Ted Jackson

5-1   Bean soup is a traditional soup on the menu of the US Senate cafeteria.  Michelle Ferguson






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