Question of the Day answers and winners

7-20  A Pluto postage stamp was sent to Pluto on New Horizons.  Tina Pafen

7-19  First Republican National Convention was in 1856.  Ben Prather

7-18  First Republican President was Abraham Lincoln.  Donna Kasza

7-15  Cheese puffs are the best known treat at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Niles Festival.  Billy Casey

7-14  Basketball is the sport with the Larry O’Brian trophy.   Karen Hoover

7-13  Ghost was the Patrick Swayze movie released in 1990 on this date.  Amy Libicer

7-12  Taylor Swift has an album titled 1989.  Tremaine Alexander

7-11 Pamplona, Spain is known for the Running of the Bulls.  Billie Boylan

7-8  Poppin’ Fresh is the mascot for Pillsbury.  Alan Blanke

7-7  Slimer is a character in the Ghostbusters movie.  Tracene Noble

7-6  Louis Armstrong played the trumpet.  Virginia DelBene

7-5  Io, Europa, and Ganymede are moons of Jupiter.  Carmen Frazier

7-4  Calvin Coolidge is the President born on the Fourth of July.  Jamie Harris

7-1  New York City is the US city with the largest fireworks display.  Dana Wagner

6-30  Fastest shark is a short fin Mako.  Georgiann Popovich

6-29  Ted was the movie about a talking stuffed animal.  Alex Arredondo

6-28  Spaceballs was Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody.  Hugh Henry

6-27  Ray-Ban makes sunglasses.  Gayle Holton

6-24  British pound is the oldest active currency.  Jo Anne Dipizzo

6-23  Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick  created UBER driving service.  Philip Holton

6-22 Cavaliers’ mascot is named Moondog.  Rona Curtis

6-21  Lebron James was in the movie “Trainwreck”.

6-20  Lebron James played at Akron St Vincent-St. Mary.  Margaret Darby

6-17  Albert Brooks is the voice of Nemo’s Dad in Finding Nemo.  Jason Ifft

6-16  Las Vegas High Roller and London Eye are types of Ferris wheels.  Cal Pannunzio

6-15  Polaroid made the instant camera.  Amanda Horne

6-14 Nike is famous for the Swoosh logo.  Leslie Filo

6-13 Alcoholics Anonymous was started in Akron, Ohio.  Natalie Bozin

6-10  Strawberry Shortcake dolls smelled like Strawberries.  Melissa Fairchild

6-9  Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena was known as the Igloo.   Jessica Keenen

6-8  Rum, Pineapple Juice and COCONUT MILK for Pina Colada.  Diana York

6-7  Sony manufactured the Betamax machine.  Kathleen Heinzer

6-6  A Greek tradition calls for the Bride to have a sugar cube in her glove.  Sherri Geyer

6-3  A Cronut is a hybrid of a croissant and a donut.   Jessica Brown

6-2  Peach baskets were used as the first basketball hoops.  Marie Honsinger

6-1  Indentation in bottom of wine bottle is called the “punt”.  Erin Slaven

5-31  Koko was a gorilla famous for doing sign language.  Brandi Roberts

5-30  Matt Damon was Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan.  Alisha Scott

5-27  Frank Epperson invented Popsicles.    Seannille McRae

5-26   Aglet is the plastic piece on a shoe string.  Wendy Gilliland

5-25   Star Wars premiered on this date in 1977.  David Cummins

5-24  Angela Lansbury was star of Murder, She Wrote.   Carlena Patton

5-23  Ken Jennings had the longest run as a contestant on Jeopardy.  Rebecca Thomas

5-20   Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh were Lethal Weapon characters.  Michael Heinzer

5-19  Dos Equis is the beer with the most interesting man in the world ads.  Mark Sarver

5-18  Fireball is a whiskey flavored with Cinnamon.  Tina Bulatko

5-17  Tom Skerritt’s call-sign in Top Gun was VIPER.  Susan Lenhart

5-16 Lionel Richie was in the Commodores.  Debra McCarley

5-13  You should throw salt over the shoulder to avoid bad luck.  Kim Bowshot

5-12  Chucky was the villain in the Child’s Play movies.  Kitty Butler

5-11 Beanie Babies was the stuffed animal fad of the 1990’s.   Jazzie Williams

5-10  Morgan Freeman played the President of the USA in Deep Impact.   Kendall Reviere

5-9  Moscato and Syrah are wines.  Carrie Watson

5-6  Captain America fought in World War II.  Kiera Kennedy

5-5  Triple Sec is the missing ingredient for Margarita.  Lisa Chaibo

5-4  Peter Mayhew is the actor in the Chewbacca outfit!    Brandy Molden

5-3 Sylvester the Cat says “Sufferin’ Succotash”.  Patti Straitis

5-2  Baloo is a bear in the Jungle Book story.  Ashlie Reed

4-29  Oxeye and Painted are types of Daisy.  Garrett Wittman

4-28  Chevy Vega was made at Lordstown from 1971-1977.  Ernest Bevan

4-27  Sultan of Swat was a Babe Ruth nickname.  Tracy Gonzalez

4-26  President George H.W. Bush got sick at a banquet in JAPAN.  Frank Arundel

4-25  Harvey Dent  was the name of the villain Two-Face.  Leslie Kloc

4-22  The New Power Generation was Prince’s backing band after the Revolution.  David Shafer

4-21 Rosie Ruiz cheated in the Boston Marathon.  Lou Ann Richmond

4-20 John Goodman played Walter in The Big Lebowski.  Jonathon Doland

4-19  Garlic is sometimes called “Bronx Vanilla”  Derinda Seitz

4-18  The Beatles performed the song “Taxman”  Inger Oakes

4-15  Royal Mail Steamer is what the RMS stands for in RMS Titanic.  Greg Hohloch

4-14  Daniel Day-Lewis played Lincoln in the 2012 movie.  Roger Sanchez

4-13 President Rutherford B. Hayes had the first phone installed in the White House.  Kathleen Heinzer

4-12  Clark Kent worked at the Daily Planet.   Dianne Ifft

4-11 Pig’s blood was spilled on Carrie in the book and movie.  Adrienne Hetmanski

4-8 Bette Midler sang with Barry Mannilow on the song, “On a Slow Boat to China”.  Dave Graora

4-7  Merle Haggard served time in San Quentin prison.  Josephine Martelli

4-6  Barry Manilow wrote the jingle to State Farm Insurance.  Joanne Jordan

4-5 Sweet Life: Adventures on the way to paradise is Barry Manilow’s autobiography.  Lorna Pawlosky

4-4  Mandy was originally to be called “Brandy” by Barry Manilow.  Kathy Flickinger

4-1  Atari released Asteroids in 1979.  Hilda Roman











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