Niles strip struggling to rejuvenate

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) — The city of Niles was long known as the home of the 422 Strip. The road used to be lined with first-class, family-owned restaurants.

But the strip is no longer the strip. There are still restaurants lining U.S. Route 422 in Niles, but it’s not the destination point that it was from the 1960s to around 2000.

What happened? Why is the strip no longer the strip?

“People died, kids didn’t want to take them back over. It’s a lot of hours in a restaurant. And we lost a generation of diners. A lot of younger people that used to be in the steel mills, they got educated and they went elsewhere,” said Vernon Cesta, owner of Vernon’s Café.

“Lots of changes to the Cafe 422 including new patio, new furniture upgrading our new bar, new lounge area. And made some changes to the menu on what it needs to be,” said Serdar Dede, Café 422 owner.

The Cafe 422 is the last of the old time strip restaurants to survive and is the one reminder of good times not so long ago.

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