Lily Pond is big draw at Mill Creek Park

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One of the tucked-away treasures of Mill Creek Park is the Lily Pond.

Depending on what time of year someone visits, they will get a very different treat.

This past winter was the first time since 1990 that ice skating was allowed on the Lily Pond. Those freezing cold temperatures led to 8 inches of ice and a month’s worth of wintertime fun on the water.

This summer, things look a whole lot different. But it’s still one of the big draws for the park.

Boardman High School Girls Cross Country Coach Stacey Hunter brings not only her athletes, but also her young daughter, to the Lily Pond.

“It’s fun. She enjoys it. She likes going for walks. So it’s nice to push her in the baby jogger and run with the girls. Or just strap her here and walk around while we’re waiting on them. It’s just a beautiful place to be,” Hunter said.

The Lily Pond has a trail looping around its 3.25 acres. It is Mill Creek Park’s oldest body of water and has been a popular place to visit since 1896.

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