Abandoned dogs rescued in Warren

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Neighbor complaints led to the rescue of six dogs from an abandoned home on Porter Street N.E. in Warren on Monday morning.

Neighbors got fed up with hearing the constant barking coming out of the abandoned home over the last couple of weeks and called our station.

“The dog would stick her head up back here in the window and bark and fuss, and so we knew they were not getting fed. At least the one in the attic,” Nancy, a concerned neighbor, said.

On Monday morning, officials said the owner of the home, who was renting it out, took a couple of the dogs. One was still left tied up on the porch.

Nancy, a self-described animal lover, decided to adopt a pit bull that was inside. She renamed him “Save” because of what he has been through.

There are some puncture wounds on his back, which leads investigators to believe he was used as part of a dog fighting ring.

The veterinarian removed eight staples from Save’s back, where the veterinarian said he was sliced with a razor. He also got his shots and antibiotics. The dog only weighed 25 pounds, which is half of what a pit bull his age should weigh.

“He is very friendly. He is only a puppy and he is whining and fussing already. I am not giving him too much food but he has got a lot of water. You cannot feed him too much because of how skinny he is,” Nancy said.

The Warren City dog warden said he is continuing to investigate this case and find out who owned the dogs.

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