Gas prices give drivers break around holidays

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Gas prices nationally are the lowest they’ve been in four years, and they are expected to fall even more as the holidays approach.

Valley drivers are paying, on average, $2.59 cents a gallon for regular unleaded gas, according to Triple A.

“Two, three months ago, it was starting to go down,” Valley driver Dillon Johns said. “It was at 2.89. I was saying, ‘Wow, that’s fantastic.’ I heard it on the news it was gonna stay like that. Then when i saw it dropping, I was jumping for joy.”

Ellie Bodner of Struthers appreciates the low price, too.

“As a broke college student, I definitely like that they’re getting lower,” Bodner said.

The price at the pump in our area is about 5 cents more than the national average.

“Right now, we’re at $2.54,” AAA East Central Public Affairs Director Chelsea Pompeani said. “Here at AAA, we project that to drop another fifteen to twenty cents per gallon by Christmas.”

That’s the lowest its been since December of 2010.

“On average, price of regular gas in Ohio is down nineteen cents from last week and more than seventy cents from less than a year ago,” Pompeani said. “The more affordable gas prices should help drivers for the holiday travel and shopping season.”

Both Johns and Bodner say they’ve noticed the savings and plan to spend the money on gifts.

“in the last month, I put together around three, four hundred bucks of saving money because I haven’t spent so much on gas,” Johns said.

“Considering how it’s the Christmas season, definitely lots of Christmas presents,” Bodner said when asked what she would use the extra money for.

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