Lt. Gov. Taylor looks ahead to next four years

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – As the Kasich administration prepares to begin its second term in Columbus, officials continue to spread the word around the state touting a program created to help small businesses.

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor made a stop at our studio Monday afternoon to discuss the highlights of the administration’s Common Sense Initiative, or CSI, which she oversees. She said the program, founded in 2011, helps small business owners get answers about state government, as well as providing a way to review potentially harmful state regulations.

“That whatever rule they are proposing, to protect health, safety, Ohioans, the environment, is in fact going to work and it is being done in a way that justifies the business impact that it has,” Taylor said.

She said she hopes regulations imposed by agencies under President Barack Obama that have been harmful to businesses in Ohio will ultimately be reduced as Republicans take control over the U.S. Senate and strengthen their majority in the House.

Taylor said Washington lawmakers would do well to use Ohio as a model that works.

“We got things done in Ohio. We found difficult challenges, we made the tough decisions. We got things done. Ohio is moving in a better direction, 5.3 percent unemployment rate, the lowest it has been in eight years. Hopefully Washington is watching state like Ohio,” Taylor said.

Kasich’s administration also is looking to continue the work it started during its first term in office. Taylor said priorities in the next term will include reforming state tax policies.

“The governor continues to talk about reducing the individual income tax, something we are still going to continue to focus on and look for opportunities to do that. Continuing to improve Medicaid so we have a more efficient system,” Taylor said.

The Lieutenant Governor also said another priority will be working to offer vocational education programs at the middle school level to provide students interested in technical training an earlier start to improve their job prospects as they grow older.

She said Kasich plans to continue traveling the country, touting his ideas about a Constitutional Amendment requiring Congress to balance its budget each year, just like individual states do.

For more on what the lieutenant governor had to say, watch the attached video.

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