Stolen road signs create dangerous driving situation

Road signs were stolen in Bloomfield Township, Ohio.

BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Trumbull County Sheriff is investigating the theft of signs worth hundreds of dollars that disappeared along a road in the northern part of Trumbull County.

Crews with the Trumbull County Engineer’s office were putting the finishing touches on new road signs Thursday morning on Donley road in Bloomfield Township, replacing 15 that were stolen sometime between the weekend and last night.

Officials said they occasionally have a sign stolen now and then around the county, but this was a first.

“That many signs at one time, especially three or four days after they were put up. That is a lot,” said Greg Alberini, Trumbull County highway superintendent.

Bridge signs, curve signs, even a stop sign were stolen. The thieves even took part of a guardrail that could have created a dangerous situation for drivers.

“No advance warning, especially up there on an area that is not lit. It is dangerous and one of the signs was a stop sign for a road intersecting from the south,” Alberini said.

The cost to taxpayers for the theft is about $700 plus labor. Officials want the signs returned and said they can be identified by the sticker found on the back of each one.

If caught, the person responsible could be facing a $2,500 fine and up to five years in prison.

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