Memorial held for slain officers

Two New York City police officers were ambushed and shot.

NEW YORK CITY (WYTV) —¬†Candles, flowers and an American flag were part of a makeshift memorial held on Sunday morning at the scene where two New York City officers were killed on Saturday.

The officers were shot and killed while inside a marked patrol car in Brooklyn. They were “ambushed and murdered,” and never had an opportunity to draw their weapons, authorities said.

The two officers, identified as Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were on duty around 3 p.m. when both were shot in the head.

The deaths follow highly publicized police violence both in New York and elsewhere.

“As a resident of the this community, we’re, we’re upset about Eric Garner and the young gentleman that was killed in Pink Houses. But there’s no, no closure here with the death of two innocent officers,” said New York City employee Curtis Scott.

Scott said Ramos used to be a Teamsters member and that it was important to support fellow city employees.

Bunting has also been hung in honor of the officers at the precinct where they worked.

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