Time Warner Cable subscribers – frequency change coming

Time Warner Cable

Are you a TWC subscriber who lives in Columbiana, Mahoning, Mercer or Trumbull County?

If you live in one of these counties and don’t have a cable box, frequencies to your QAM Tuner will change and you may need to rescan the digital channels on your digital TV.

Time Warner Cable is changing the frequency on which it sends the signals for WYTV.

Most viewers won’t see any difference.  Those who watch WYTV via antenna, satellite or another cable system are not affected.  Time Warner Cable will automatically update the frequency for customers with a cable box.

Only those TWC customers with televisions connected directly to their cable without a box need to take action.

WHO: TWC Customers in the aforementioned counties who directly connect to their digital television without using a set top box from TWC.
WHEN: The change is set to take effect on or after January 6, 2015.
HOW: Please take these steps to adjust the frequency:

1.    Turn on your television.
2.    Press the menu button on your remote.
3.    Look for a “channel search” or “auto program” function in the settings, which will allow you to rescan your channels.
4.    Run the rescan until it’s done.

Please contact a TWC Customer Care Associate at 888-918-6591 to assist with any questions.

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