Donations can boost tax return

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Now that Christmas morning has come and gone, what are you going to do with old items around the house?

There is a way to give back and make a quick buck at the same time.

There is just a week left in 2014, but there is still plenty of time to donate and benefit from it on your 2014 tax return.

“You actually have until that ball drops at midnight on Dec. 31,” tax specialist Todd Bury said.

Chaney Nezbeth runs the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Salem.

“We are a good service for both the donor and the shopper,” Nezbeth said.

Her ReStore has been there for six years.

“We are very, very busy. We turn around quite a few pieces of merchandise,” Nezbeth said.

Over the years she said donations have helped people from all over.

“There are so many generous donors out there,” Nezbeth said.

“Now is the time to be giving. You are going to benefit the organization with your items or goods, and you in turn benefit with a reduction in your taxes,” Bury said.

Those donations also help the donors at tax time if people fill out their their tax forms the right way.

“You got to make sure you itemize on 1040. If you don’t itemize, you can’t deduct it,” Bury said.

Make sure to get a receipt from the place you donate.

“You got to make sure it is done to a qualified organization. You can’t give it to an individual and deduct it,” Bury said.

“When you donate to us, we will give you a tax receipt listing the items, we’ll sign it and date it for this year,” Nezbeth said.

It does not matter how much you donate and you can even donate money to organizations.

There is a list of ways to itemize on the IRS website.

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