Student Athlete: Isaac Williams

The Big Red's Isaac Williams is a winner from region championships to science experiments.
The Big Red's Isaac Williams is a winner from region championships to science experiments.

WEST MIDDLESEX, PA (WYTV)-“I have been raised to win in basketball and I think I have been raised to win academically too, just do the best you can and be the best person you can on and off the court,” says West Middlesex senior Isaac Williams.

Williams has done just that. 4 district championships and 9 region championships. But it is his student side that sticks out the most. Currently 3rd in his class and maybe most impressive of all, Williams has never received a B in his academic career.

“We used to be graded on these “O’s”, “S’s” and “N’s,” says Williams.

“Needs improvement, satisfactory or outstanding and if I got an “S” I would be afraid to show my parents the report card because they would say you got to get that up, no one gets an “S” in this family.”

Williams wants to be a chemist, and that seems to be a perfect fit. He is a 4-time state champion of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science which is held at Penn State University each year.

“It was amazing. These people all around me are from everywhere in the nation and they said you won. Some of these experiments were life changing. One kid said that orange peels could cure cancer and it was amazing and for them saying it was me was absolutely humbling.”

On the field Williams is an all region selection in basketball, cross-country and track. He was a state qualifier in cross-country for two years and this past season, Williams played football for the first time in his life and was a starter for the Big Reds. Williams says it’s the chase for a championship that has motivated him from a young age.

“I looked at my dad’s region trophy in my dad’s house in like 4th grade and I was saying wow, I want to get that,” said Williams.

And just like his report card, Williams doesn’t accept any “S’s” in life.

“Never accept anything satisfactory, just be the best you can be because it is amazing what you can do by yourself, awesome.”

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