Warren siblings reunite for Christmas

Warren siblings reunite

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) –  Tim Mallory and Kelly Carothers have both spent their entire lives in Warren.

“They went to the same high school together. They were just two years apart, always crossing paths. They know the same group of people but just never met,” said Krista Mallory, Tim’s wife.

Tim Mallory was separated from his biological family, and his sister Kelly, when he was born.

“Last year, I added a wife and a child to the family. And this year, we have added a whole other family,” Mallory said.

How did it happen? Krista Mallory got a tip from a parishioner at Grace United Methodist Church, who only knew her first name, Kelly. But within a few hours, Krista found Kelly on Facebook and drove to her house, without her husband knowing.

“I was scared that she didn’t know she had a brother. But she did. She had been looking for him for eight years,” Krista Mallory said.

“I didn’t see it coming because I am only getting older, but finding him was amazing,” Carothers said.

Later that day, brother and sister met for the first time. But not without some jitters.

“Nervous, overwhelmed, excited. But once I seen him and hugged him, I knew we were going to connect. And it was just going to be amazing. And it has been,” Carothers said.

“Yeah, instantly. Felt a connection that I have never felt before. This is the first time I have really met a blood relative,” Mallory said.

Both Mallory and Carothers are married with children, making this the first Christmas the two families have spent together.

“It is life-changing for all of us. It truly is. It is a blessing,” Carothers said.

And she has a message for those still looking for what she called the missing piece in her life.

“Never give up. Always pick your head up and move forward. Dreams do come true, because my dream came true,” Carothers said.

And the siblings hope it is the start of many family holidays to come.

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