Two men face charges involving catalytic converter theft

Two men face charges involving catalytic converter theft


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) — Two men are facing charges Saturday after Boardman police say they were caught with parts stolen from cars.

A resident on Spartan Drive heard someone prowling about their property.

A police officer came to the area  and spotted a truck with two men inside.

The men ran off and inside the truck police found several catalytic converters and a hand saw.

The two men were later arrested and identified as Robert Watson and Jonathan Lockridge.

Police say they aren’t sure how many cars were targeted overnight.

“They are picking larger vehicles that they can easily crawl underneath such as trucks and SUV’s because those are the larger converters they are also worth more money. And they are easy to get at because they are higher off the ground,” said Boardman Police Sgt. Paul Grimes.

The men face felony charges for having stolen property and criminal tools. Police say they are still finding people whose cars were targeted by thieves overnight.

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