Hometown Heroes: South Range student warms up veterans

Hometown Hero Grace George

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) –  A lot of veterans, hundreds of them, are warm tonight because of this week’s Hometown Hero.

Grace George, a senior at South Range High School, made and collected 265 blankets at her home in Green Township for a school project. Then just days before Christmas, she and her family delivered them to the Veterans Administration hospital in Cleveland, each with a handwritten note thanking the veterans for their service.

“My dad and several of my uncles have been in the military, so collecting blankets and doing something for the veterans was a way to thank them and others like them for their service,” George said.

She said the community did a great job by donating so many blankets.

“They all donated and came together and I am very thankful for their generosity,” George said.

The project began last summer when George approached her friends in school, some of the local churches and people she ran into at the Canfield Fair, and soon 50 blankets became 100 blankets, which became 200 blankets and then a grand total of 265 blankets. The blankets are all shapes and sizes, big ones and lap blankets, which is the kind someone in a wheelchair would wear over a lap.

“She is my hero. I have always been proud of her,” Fred Denton, George’s grandfather, said. “She is an exceptional young lady and she has always been that way through her entire life.”

George said her goal was to get about 100 blankets and they just kept coming.

“It has just been wonderful. We have enjoyed having it take up the house. It has been great,” Theresa George, Grace’s mother, said. “We are very proud of what she has done here with the blankets.”

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