Shocking photos, drug court used to deter crime

Shocking photos, drug court used to deter crime

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Warren police made a huge heroin bust after serving a search warrant Thursday at a home on the southeast side of the city.

About $25,000 worth of heroin was recovered by the Street Crimes Unit at a duplex on Adelaide Avenue.

Jeff Solich, commander of the Mahoning Valley Drug Task Force, said this is just a small batch of what they are seeing coming into the valley. He said the most recent investigation they conducted involved a New York-based operation.

Heroin is not only big business, it’s a big problem. Prosecutors say the number of heroin related cases has gone up dramatically in the last five years, along with burglaries break-ins and robberies.

“Where heroin is probably 60 to 65 percent of my docket, cocaine accounts for about 15 to 20 percent,” said Marty Desmond, Assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor.

At Girard Municipal Court, Judge Jeff Adler is trying a different approach. He is putting pictures on the court bench of people who have overdosed on heroin.

“I thought maybe for the shock value maybe to do something,” Adler said.

Judge Adler will also be instituting a drug court. He said most of the abusers don’t want to be criminals, but the heroin addiction is driving them to crime.

“We have to stop the heroin addiction somehow, and that is basically working with them trying to get them back in a sober environment,” Adler said.

Adler says he hopes to have the drug court up and running by next week.

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