Valley theaters to run ‘The Interview’


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The owner of second-run movie theaters in Boardman and Niles is gearing up for the local opening of the film “The Interview.”

Movies 8 in Boardman and Encore Cinema in Niles will show the film beginning Friday, Jan. 2 at 1:40 p.m. in Boardman and 2 p.m. in Niles. Find additional show times here.

Theater owner Brian DeCiancio said it is very unusual to get a first-run movie at his local theaters but when the major box offices passed on the film, it opened the door to get the film in his budget-friendly theaters.

“It’s hard to pass up something like this with so much attention. We paid a little bit more than we normally would for the film, but the process was a lot easier than I thought,” DeCiancio said. “In essence we are not making as much as normal, but we hope that will be made up with more people coming to see it.”

DeCiancio thinks the film will do well, locally. A colleague who runs a second-run theater in New York said the film ran without incident there and has also played at Tower City in Cleveland and other regional theaters.

Under the threat of terrorist attacks from hackers and infiltration of Sony’s systems and internal data, the nation’s largest multiplex chains pulled the film from their screens. Sony Pictures Entertainment took the unprecedented step of canceling the Dec. 25 release of the Seth Rogen comedy. Sony later announced it was releasing the film online through various streaming sites.

U.S. officials said federal investigators connected the Sony hacking to North Korea.

DeCiancio said the movie will be in the local theaters for about two weeks.

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