Campbell police: Man, officers tussle during arrest

Paul Crenshaw

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – A Campbell man is at the Mahoning County Jail awaiting an initial court appearance Tuesday in Campbell Municipal Court following his arrest Monday afternoon.

Paul Crenshaw, 70, 91 Tremble Ave., is facing a felony charge of assault on a police officer after police said he punched an officer during an arrest that stemmed from a domestic call.

According to a police report, Crenshaw’s wife called 911 and said he was threatening to harm her and her children. Officers said when they arrived, Crenshaw was standing in the front yard and officers tried to get him to calm down, noting he had slurred speech and was staggering and he appeared intoxicated, the report states.

Crenshaw “chest bumped” Officer Kevin Sferra and was standing nose to nose with the officer with clenched fists, the police report states.

Officer Eric Manning, who was parked two houses away, saw the confrontation and began running toward Crenshaw in an effort to intervene when Officer Sferra put his hand on Crenshaw’s chest and attempted to push him back. Crenshaw then shoved Sferra, almost knocking him to the ground, according to the report.

Manning tackled Crenshaw to the ground, but Crenshaw attempted to get back up, so Manning pushed him back to the ground. Crenshaw ignored orders to stay on the ground, turn over and put his hands behind his back and instead tried punching Manning in the face with his right fist, the report states.

Crenshaw then grabbed Manning’s lapel microphone and ripped it from his vest. The report states the microphone then was considered a blunt force weapon.

Sferra attempted to grab Crenshaw’s right arm, but Crenshaw continued to resist arrest, so Manning struck Crenshaw in the face three times with his left fist and on the fourth, he missed contact and scraped the top of Crenshaw’s head with his watch, the report states. The assault dazed Crenshaw enough for officers to handcuff him.

The report also states Crenshaw’s wife and several other people at the house attempted to intervene in the assault and had to be threatened with a Taser. Crenshaw’s wife was screaming profanities at officers and told them she was recording the incident on her cell phone, which was then seized as evidence.

An ambulance was called to treat Crenshaw’s injuries, but he refused treatment at the scene, the report states. He told officers he had “two drinks” earlier in the night.

Officers photographed Crenshaw’s injuries, which included a bruised and swollen left eye, a small abrasion on the top of his head from Officer Manning’s watch, bleeding from his nose, a swollen left upper lip and a missing tooth, the police report states.

Manning sustained cuts and abrasions during the altercation.

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