Mumps incident renews vaccination debate

Vaccination debate renewed in Sharpsville

SHARPSVILLE, Pa. (WYTV) – Without a doubt, vaccinations have changed the way people look at many once-common diseases.

“My generation is one of the first generations to never really think about catching the mumps as a childhood illness. My mother, it was a childhood illness just like the chicken pox,” Sharpsville resident Kim Schnarrenberger said.

Whether people are for vaccinations or against them, when it comes to a contagious disease like the mumps, it brings the issue to the forefront.

“Honestly, I was shocked because  thought most kids were vaccinated and it would never be a problem,” parent Marcy Edwards said.

Edwards works at Lori Rollinson’s Hair Boutique in Sharpsville. She said the mumps were front of mind on Monday after classes were canceled in the Sharpsville school district because of a possible mumps outbreak.

“It is of course a salon. We talk about everything a lot and it’s been talked about a lot today. There are a lot of opinions and I think it is good for people to just discuss it,” Edwards said.

Discussions about how to move forward went on all day at the school district office. In the end, administrators made contact with all non-vaccinated students who were at risk.

“We would have contacted you. If you were not contacted, then there is no concern,” Sharpsville Superintendent Dr. Brad Ferko said.

Ferko said he has learned a lot during this experience.

“The one thing that I can tell you is that it is a personal choice for parents. And I have heard from both sides today,” he said.

And Ferko said the bottom line is that safety decisions will be made with both sides in mind.

“The school district really has to care about the needs of all of the kids. So regardless of vaccination or not vaccinated, we have to look at the needs of all the kids, all our staff members, all our community members,” he said.

Classes will resume in the Sharpsville district on Tuesday.

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