Road crews give inside look at snow preparations

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The winter season arrived very quickly in 2015, which means snow crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation to be prepared.

“We have about twenty thousand tons of salt, we always have about forty thousand gallons of liquid brine on hand, right around thirty thousand gallons of liquid calcium,” Mahoning County ODOT Transportation Manager Ron Sharpe said.

When a storm hits, crews gear up, and head out for the long haul.

“Keep the guys on the road and do the best we can to keep up with whatever event we have coming,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe said the biggest thing they can do to keep up with roads is plan ahead of the snow.

“Get the crews out as early as possible before the snow starts, be prepared for the snow event that’s coming at the time, make sure we have all our trucks up and running,” Sharpe said.

And after last year’s winter, this is what he has to say to those who have to drive in bad conditions.

“Leave early and take your time and go slow,” Sharpe said.

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