Boone’s ‘Knockout’ re-energizes boxing career

Youngstown Boxer Darnell Boone

Struthers, OH (WYTV) – Last month, longtime Youngstown boxer Darnell Boone captured his first world title in dramatic fashion. Since then, video of the fight has been an internet sensation, sparking talk across the boxing community.

“It was the punch heard round the Super Middleweight Boxing world, with one shot to the chin, and one NBA World Title for Darnell Boone.

“It was emotional man,” said Boone. “I’m crying, my corner crying, my fiancee crying…my promoter crying. “Everybody was just happy for me and just that moment at that time man…it’s unexplainable.”

“It [brought] so much joy to my heart,” said brother Frederick Boone. “I’m thinking about how big this is because he’s a hometown guy, and kids will gravitate around that. Negative energy gone, positive energy all the way up!”

And at 34 years old, Boone has used that energy throughout his 11 year career. His younger brother got him into the gym, and the rest was history.

“I got in the gym, and I end up calling out the best guy in the gym and at the time it was Kelly Pavlik,” said Darnell. “I didn’t know who he was at the time, so we went about a half a round or whatever. And after the round was over he gave me a hug. He was like, ‘man you got heart, you’ll do great in this sport.'”

And Boone certainly has…with 20 wins and 9 knockouts to his name and now, an NBA World Title belt. But despite his age and setbacks, he still has plenty of fight left.

“Just to know that I still got more to achieve and more to do and even though I had them hard fights, my body’s not beat up,” he said. “So I can still perform with the best of the young ones.”

“This is the second coming of Darnell Boone,” said Frederick. “He’s more focused now and his mind is straight on getting a championship. Get up there, you can knock a Mayweather out.”

“Right now, it just made me hungrier and it lets me know that I can do it and I can take it farther than where it is now.”


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