Student Athlete: Jake Stoyer

Student Athlete: Reynolds' Jake Stoyer

Greenville, PA (WYTV) – The Reynolds wrestling team is currently ranked first in the state of Pennsylvania and won the last three District Titles in Class AA. Senior Jake Stoyer is a major reason for their sustained success.

“Competition brings out the best in everyone,” said Stoyer. “It makes you do things that you normally don’t think you do.”

Jake has always loved competition, whether it’s football, wrestling, or track and field, he’s fueled that drive through the sports that he loves.

“I love wrestling just because of the winning attitude it brings,” he said. “In football, you have to be physically tough, that obviously stands out. But in wrestling, I love the fact that you rely so much on being mentally tough and knowing that you have more in you than your opponent.”

That competitive drive landed Jake a starting spot and the role of captain his senior year, on a team that’s captured State Runner Up finishes the past two seasons.

“I think what sets us apart is that we’re willing to do stuff for the team that isn’t likely all the time,” he said. “You’ve got your teammates rooting you on and you know it’s for you and them.”

Jake’s work ethic carries over to the classroom as well, where he carries a 3.93 GPA and is a member of the National Honor’s Society.

“Education is first and I think all of our coaches in every sport help to preach that and are always there to help you keep up in the classroom so you can be successful in sports,” he said. “And my parents have always ingrained in me that education is important while playing sports.”

And that philosophy has paid off, as Jake plans to attend college and enter the next phase of his life.

“I think I’d like to be remembered as someone who always gave it all they had.  Maybe you’re not the most talented but you work to get to where you are and you had to earn everything you did.”


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