Too cool for school?

Kids sledding

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – On a day when local school administrators decided it was just too cold to risk having kids go outdoors for any length of time, our news crew found a bunch of them doing pretty much what one might expect youngsters to do on a day off from school on Thursday. 

About a dozen kids took their sleds to the Wick Recreation Area at Mill Creek Park for a couple hours of fun. With the temperature hovering in the single digits with a brisk wind to make things feel even colder, several Ursuline High School freshmen said they were not about to let this day off from class go to waste.

“Having fun, you know, get the adrenaline of the game going, and once you got that done, you are having fun. Go down the hill, warm yourself up. Just being out here, having fun on no school, makes me warm,” Colt Jamieson of Youngstown said.

To help ward off the icy chill, the kids said they wore plenty of clothing layers and some even put plastic grocery bags on their feet to help insulate them and keep the snow from getting inside their boots.

“I got three pairs of socks, bags, boots, leggings, pair of sweat pants, four shirts, gloves and a sweatshirt, Ursuline hat,” Mario Fusillo said.

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