Preparations underway in valley for OSU championship game

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) — The state of Ohio is now just one day away from OSU’s showdown with the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship. WKBN First News takes takes a look at how fans in the valley are preparing for the big game.

O’Donold’s Irish Pub on Federal Street downtown gets plenty of fans for every Ohio State game. But the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day was even busier.

“We had quite a few of the college students come back from break, and they came to come to watch the game. We had our regulars. We actually had, Boom-Boom Mancini was in here with his friends. They were here to watch the game with us too. It was a good time,” said Kiki Novosel, of O’Donold’s Irish Pub.

The restaurant has scheduled extra staff for Monday, and she’s expecting a big Buckeyes crowd.

“We’re actually suggesting people come in about an hour ahead of time so that they can get a good table, a good spot for the tv,” said Novosel.

Ohio and Oregon won’t be the only ones watching the game Monday.The first national championship of the playoff era is being called ‘the super bowl of college football,’ and it could draw more than 36 million viewers, which would make it the most-watched sporting event in college sports history.”

Fans who like to watch at home were stocking up on chips and drinks at supermarkets Sunday.

“It might not be as big as the super bowl, but it’s pretty big. It’s big. If the Steelers were still in the playoffs, it would be just as big as that,” said Tony Modarelli, of Sparkle Market.

Modarelli will be watching at home Monday night, and he’s expecting a Buckeyes victory.

“I think it’s their year. Definitely their year,” said Modarelli.

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