Hometown Heroes: Man helps spread the mojo

Bill Crawford was honored as a Hometown Hero

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – The dictionary defines mojo as “a power, that may seem magical, that allows someone to be very successful.”

Along the Ohio River in southern Columbiana County there is a whole lot of mojo. The man responsible for it is this week’s Hometown Hero.

In a normal office, in a normal workplace, there is an exceptional man.

In 2010, Bill Crawford started the Team Mojo Foundation. Its mission is simple.

“If someone knows a situation where a child is not able to participate in something, being left out, or simply cannot afford it, or get there, or whatever, I want people to say ‘hey, Team Mojo, get in touch with Bill or someone else with them because they can help you out.’ We have been able to provide over $100,000 in financial assistance and help over 2,000 kids. Because not all kids are into sports, or into music, or Scouts or cheerleading, we really don’t have a niche. I am really happy with what we have done and we have been able to establish a presence in the community where people think of us,” Crawford said.

What are some of the things made possible because of Crawford’s little idea? Mats for yoga class. Admission to summer camp. Sports camps from cheerleading to basketball and wrestling. And it is not just sports. Buying bikes for kids, a senior trip to Washington D.C., books for kids. Team Mojo also helped a student pay for Driver’s Education.

“Counselors are fantastic, teachers, coaches, booster clubs. There is an application process. We are a 501(c) 3, so we have guidelines we have to go by. And you have to qualify for this assistance through that application. We review it. And it is available on Smartphones, tablets, computers,” Crawford said.

It requires a solid team, and it starts at home with Crawford’s wife, Theresa, and the man who nominated Crawford: his father-in-law, “Big” George Summers.

“That young man is well deserving of anything you do for him,” Summers said.

Now some older kids are starting to give back to the foundation that gave them some mojo.

“They come back to us and make donations and put it back into the system and pay it forward. And that is what keeps us going,” Crawford said.

For more information on the Team Mojo Foundation, visit their Facebook page.

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