Council closes deal on firefighters contract

City Council in Youngstown, Ohio approved a new contract for firefighters.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown City Council approved a new firefighters union contract that includes a pay raise.

Firefighters get a two and a half percent pay raise immediately and an additional one percent in January 2016.

It was a tough struggle to reach a deal. Firefighters rejected a deal in September over health care benefits, but now they have new contract until 2017.

Union President David Cook, IAFF Local 312, said members had gone years without an increase in pay.

“Neither side is jumping for joy over it, but it is satisfactory and it was settled on our own without going to binding arbitration, which is always a huge cost for both parties,” Cook said. “It’s a relief that our membership approved it. It’s something that, obviously, they accept. And as a negotiating committee, it’s always good to come back with something that’s approved by your membership.”

The firefighters’ new contract will also remove caps on their contributions to health-care premiums. That will start in June 2016.

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