Hometown Heroes: Springfield Local’s biggest fan

Hometown Hero Mickey Gresko

NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One thing that WYTV’s Hometown Heroes seem to have in common is their ability to impact the lives of not just one person but a whole community.

Mickey Gresko has been doing just that for generations in the Springfield Local School District.

If you’ve ever been to a Springfield game whether it is basketball, football, baseball or track, chances are you’ve seen Mickey. He’s been a faithful spectator for over 20 years, but he is more than a fan. In a lot of ways, Mickey is Springfield’s secret weapon.

“You can sense his presence when he is at a sporting event. It is just always nice to know that he is around,” said student athlete Hunter Snyder.

Snyder and other student athletes have grown up watching not just the game on the court but also Mickey who is always in the stands.

“It is always nice being able to look up in the stands and see Mick there,” said Head Boys Basketball Coach Eric Fender.

Coaches who have been at other schools know what it’s like going up against not just the Tigers, but one of the biggest fans here in the Valley. And they’re glad to have him rooting for them now.

“I’ve known of him when I was playing sports in Poland. Good to have him on your side. I have seen him when he has not been on your side and you don’t want that,” said Head Football Coach Sean Guerriero. “He is here after school pretty much every day until all the teams are gone. Whether there are games or practices no matter what.”

Ask any Coach or athlete and there is no doubt they’ll tell you that Mickey is part of the heart and soul of these teams.

But Mickey doesn’t just mean a lot to the teams. As you can imagine, the teams mean a lot to Mickey, too. Just last week, he was inducted into the Springfield Hall of Fame for his dedication.

We here at WYTV think Mickey is pretty special, too. And that’s why Springfield’s biggest fan is also this week’s Hometown Hero.

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