Youngstown Council considers whistle-blower policy

Youngstown whistleblower policy

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown Mayor John McNally is proposing a new whistle-blower policy to protect employees at City Hall.

The Ohio State Auditor has recommended a whistle-blower policy for the last few years, and leaders hope it can save the City of Youngstown some money in the process.

Law Director Martin Hume said city employees may not always feel safe in criticizing their co-workers, and the whistle-blower policy would protect them.

“It is a common practice and feeling among employees that they always worry about retribution,” Hume said.

The policy being considered is similar to those in place at the Statehouse and at the Ohio State University. Now, Youngstown Mayor John McNally is ready to put it on the table.

“Designated to be able to enable people to complain or bring out wrongdoing without fear of retribution. Financial mismanagement, any kind of misconduct, it allows people to report that with impunity,” Hume said.

City council has not adopted it yet, but council members seem to be in favor of taking on the state auditor’s recommendation.

7th Ward Councilman John Swierz said he thinks the policy will be approved.

“While I can’t speak for every council person, I believe that is the way we are going to move with this thing. I think we are all in favor of it, but we just needed a little bit more time,” Swierz said.

Hume said he hopes the policy will make workers more willing to call out misconduct within City Hall.

“It keeps everybody on their toes, making sure everybody’s doing the right thing. Hopefully that will save the city money,” Hume said.

The whistle-blower policy is not the only one regarding employees that city council is considering. They are also looking at more specific rules that govern workplace violence and bullying within City Hall.

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