Boardman nursing home corrects problems on inspection

Vista Care Center of Boardman has corrected violations on government report.

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The administrator of a nursing home that was mentioned as having violations in a 33 WYTV News report on Thursday invited our news crews inside the facility to take a look.

Administrators of Vista Care of Boardman say they’ve corrected the violations that led to government fines of $49,000. Chief Operating Officer Tracy D’Andrea said the fine was in 2013 and was the result of deficient documentation. Read the latest report here.

“It has nothing to do with care given to our residents,” D’Andrea said.

The violation was corrected by installing a new electronic records system.

D’Andrea also provided WYTV First News with a copy of the nursing home’s most recent state inspection.

“Vista Care Center of Boardman has no serious health care deficiencies at this time. We are providing excellent care and services to our residents,” D’Andrea said.

The facility was cited for three minor problems in the latest inspection. The most serious was a broken valve in a hot-water system, which meant water was too hot in some patient’s rooms. No one was hurt, and the valve has since been repaired.

Resident Beverly Magill said she had several options for rehabilitation following surgery and chose Vista Care.

“I had my choice, but I liked this place better,” Magill said. “I can’t complain about nothing they do because they do everything right.”

This nursing home is due for another routine inspection in the next three months.

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