Mahoning Valley rallies for dead Campbell dog

Mahoning Valley ralley's to get justice for a dead Campbell dog

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – The story of a Campbell a dog named “Charlie” has many Mahoning Valley residents livid.

Charlie died after he was short-chained to a dog house in bitter-cold temperatures, with no food or water.

The owner of the the dog, 23-year-old Tameka Smith, appeared at the Campbell Municipal Court Friday morning. During her appearance, a rally took place outside the courthouse to show support for Charlie and fight for tougher animal cruelty laws.

Campbell Police Department Lt. John Rusnak said the dog’s death has upset Campbell police officers and there is no excuse for this type of animal cruelty.

“With free shelters, dog wardens and humane officers all around the valley, how can someone move out of their home and leave a dog behind outside,” Rusnak said.

Campbell Mayor William Vansuch said lawmakers are in the process of creating laws to prosecute those who leave dogs outside on too-short chains.

Those interested in the rally can find more information by checking out its Facebook event page and continuing to follow the story on

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