Niles police cracking down illegal handicap parking

Niles handicap parking crackdown

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Police in one Trumbull County community are cracking down on people illegally parking in handicapped spots.

Niles police took a picture of one violator and posted it on their Facebook page. It is just one of 22 citations written in just the last couple of months.

Ohio law and Niles city ordinance prohibits parking in a marked handicapped space with a raised sign without a state-issued handicapped placard.

Officer Shawn Crank said even if you are running into a store for a minute, parking in a handicap spot is not allowed.

“There is no time limit on it. You can’t park there at all no matter how long the duration you are going to be in the store or business,” Crank said.

Several local handicapped residents said they are glad police are cracking down.

“I think they deserve a fine right off the bat. No warning…fine,” said Frank Sheanne of Warren.

Sue Moore of Warren, who has to use a walker to get around, thinks about those affected when handicap spaces are full.

“We can’t help that we are handicapped. Believe me, we can’t help it. We don’t want to be and when we can’t find a parking space, it is upsetting,” Moore said.

It is also illegal to use someone’s placard if they are not in the car.

The fine for illegally parking in a handicap space is $250.

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