Girard leaders say economic plan needs an update

Girard's economic plans
Economic pan may need an update in Girard.

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) — The city of Girard says its time to update a plan put in place almost 15 years ago.

Trumbull County Planning Commission is going to work with the city to see what opportunities it needs to look at in the future.

Mayor James Melfi talks about what those next steps are in the future.

The Daily Grind in Girard has your caffeine fix seven days a week. It’s been open almost four years now.

“Every day we have someone who stops and says I didn’t even know you were here and they’re from town,” said Tina Brown, Daily Grind owner.

Owners Keith and Tina Brown live in Girard and wanted to be close to their business.

“In a small town like this you’re going to attract for the most part independent business owners not necessarily the national chains,” said Keith and Tina Brown, Daily Grind owners.

The downtown business owners support economic development. They like that a few new businesses have opened in recent years.

“We want to help our downtown improve our downtown is not unlike other towns, there’s some outdated buildings and some things that need to be changed,” said Girard Mayor James Melfi.

That’s where an updated comprehensive plan comes into play. Mayor James Melfi said the original plan highlighted strategic planning weaknesses and revealed the city didn’t have a lot of public land. The suggestion was to purchase properties west of state Route 422.

“The leather works property 27 acres is now owned by the city. We have just received a grant to do a phase two study for contamination,” said Melfi.

Melfi says now it is time to see what else can be done. The city is working with the Trumbull County Planning Commission for the project. Issues like zoning and protecting neighborhoods are still a priority.

“There will be public meetings and public input is vital to what the plan is,” said Melfi.

Back at the Daily Grind, the Browns are on board with that plan and want to see their city prosper.


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