JFK holds open house to give parents school choices

JFK gives educational choices.
JFK holds open house.

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) — National School Choice Week began Sunday. Parents in the valley are being encouraged to explore all education options for their children.

John F. Kennedy Catholic School in Warren held its open house for pre-Kindergarten students through sixth grade Sunday.

According to the National Catholic Educational Association, catholic school enrollment has declined 23 percent in the last decade. But the interim president of JFK schools was excited about the turnout for the open house.

“Pleased as punch. The traffic that has come in today is more than we’ve seen in the last couple years. And I think a lot has to do with the expansion of the edchoice program,” said Joseph Kenneally, interim president for the JFK school system.

EdChoice provides scholarships to private schools like JFK for students from under performing districts. That now includes the Lincoln K-through-8 school in Warren. JFK will also have an open house for its upper level grades next Sunday.



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