Cat lives after being buried alive

A cat was buried alive in Tampa Bay, Florida and lived 5 days later.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. (CNN) – There’s no question about it. Cats have nine lives, and a pet owner in Tampa Bay, Florida can tell you that.

A man’s beloved cat, Bart, died when a car hit him. At least he was pretty sure the cat was dead because he buried it. But Bart was far from dead. It dug its way out of the ground and wandered into a neighbor’s front yard days later.

“He came up looking for food. He was hungry. I knew there was something wrong because I knew this cat was buried five days earlier, and he was underground,” said neighbor Dusty Albritton. “I took him to the owner and he opened the door, and he was in complete shock because he knew the cat was dead. There is no logical explanation, and we just say it is God’s miracle.”

The two rushed the cat to an animal hospital with trauma, a broken jaw and other injuries.

The veterinarian said Bart will likely live but may lose the sight in one eye. He is recovering at the Human Society of Tampa Bay.

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