Gas leak forces evacuation at Juvenile Justice Center

The Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center in Youngstown, Ohio was evacuated due to a gas leak.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Dominion East Ohio Gas and the Youngstown Fire Department announced an all clear for the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center after the building was evacuated Wednesday morning.

Workers began detecting a strong gas smell in the front offices of the building at 300 E. Scott St. and alerted officials. Many said the smell was so bad it was affecting their breathing.

The Youngstown Fire Department, Youngstown police and deputies with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office cleared the building and parking lot at about 9:20 a.m. All employees were evacuated and the building was closed for the day.

When the 33 WYTV News crew arrived on the scene, the smell was so strong it was easily detected, even with the windows rolled up on the vehicle.

By the time officials evacuated the building and investigators with Dominion walked the front offices with a gas detection wand, the smell had dissipated.

Officials with the gas company believe the gas smell permeated the building from an outside source. They are investigating the source of the leak but said it was not at the Juvenile Justice Center.

All court proceedings are canceled for Wednesday and are expected to resume Thursday.

The holding area for juvenile offenders was not affected by the gas smell. The detainment area is separate from the front office and the smell was not detected there.

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