Roofer remembers Guthrie’s kindness

Local roofer remembers Don Guthrie's kindness

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. (WYTV) – Lots of people in the Mahoning Valley relied on Don Guthrie and his forecast, but especially those who worked outside.

Ronald Braho, Jr., of West Middlesex was one of them. He was a local roofer.

Braho said he used to call and talk to Don about the weather and that he always trusted his advice.

He says Don always had his best interest at heart..and would let him know if it would be safe or not.

“When he did the weather, he cared. He didn’t want anybody to get hurt,” Braho said. “He didn’t want anybody to be in harm’s way. That’s the main thing about him.”

Braho was diagnosed with cancer, and felt he could relate to Don.

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