Ryan on abortion: ‘The government shouldn’t be involved at all.’

Congressman Tim Ryan - Youngstown, Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Valley Congressman Tim Ryan announced Wednesday he is now pro-choice. He was also recently discussed as a possible Senate candidate, but he says politics is not behind the decision.

“This is not about whether or not abortion is good or bad. This is about whether the government should be involved in it at all,” Ryan said.

Ryan, a life-long Catholic, had never considered himself against abortion but said his stance became clear after he and his wife had a child.

“We were very fortunate that our baby was healthy, and we had a healthy pregnancy. It became clear to me that the government of the United States should not be sitting in that doctor’s office with us deciding anything,” Ryan said.

The Congressman’s decision doesn’t sit well with those who are pro-life. David Schmidt, director of the Office of Pro-Life, Marriage and Family Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, said Ryan makes no mention in his announcement of the Catholic charities that offer pregnancy support.

“There is no acknowledgment whatsoever as to the humanity or the personhood of the unborn child. He talks about ending pregnancy. He doesn’t talk about ending the life of the unborn child,” Schmidt said. “While he does a good job a showing the plight of many women and families with unplanned pregnancies, he makes no mention that there are numerous agencies, Catholic charity agencies, pregnancy support centers out there ready and willing to help women with unplanned pregnancies.”

While the church doesn’t agree with Ryan’s decision, others like Molly Toth who supports Planned Parenthood applauds the Congressman.

“A lot of people don’t want politicians and government involved in the decisions that they make for themselves and with their families. It is good to have a politician recognizing that,” Toth said.

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