Student Athlete: Aimee Gysegum

Student athlete Aimee Gysegum - Howland, Ohio

Youngstown, OH (WYTV) – Aimee Gysegum is one of the best distance swimmers in the Valley, and holds 10 individual records in both high school and club competitions. She also sets a high bar in the classroom, earning her the honor of our Student Athlete of the Week.

“I love water, and I’ve always loved water, and it started when I was little,” said Gysegum. “I would play in the pool for like hours on my own. You’re in a different kind of substance, you can just do what you want and it’s completely different.”

It’s safe to say, Aimee was meant for the water. She’s been swimming since she was three years old, and broken five school records in her four years at Howland.

“It’s really like freeing, like everyone asks you, what do you think about when you swim? You think about technique but it’s really just a time for your head to cool off, and you don’t really think about anything, and you can just work hard.”

And Aimee’s hard work has paid off. She’s won 6 sectional titles in the 200 and 500 meter freestyle, while competing as the only female swimmer for Howland the past three years.

“It’s kind of hard to go to meets, and not have a team to like cheer with and everything, but my school they, support me through a lot. And it’s really great to have that kind of support, so I don’t feel like I’m forgotten or anything.”

But Aimee’s skills extend well beyond the pool. She carries a 3.95 GPA, and is a member of several clubs as well as student government. So how does she balance it all?

“You just can’t be negative about it, you almost have to look at it, like it’s a blessing to do both,” she said. “You get to do school and swim, and they’re both fun. They have their moments of kind of drudgery, but it’s fun to do.”

Aimee plans to keep having fun in the water, by swimming at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and studying Marine Biology to hopefully work in what’s become her passion.

“I love that there’s a completely different world besides like humans…it’s fun to study that,” she said. “It offers a completely different kind of learning.”


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