Wellsville cop under fire after traffic stop

Wellsville officer Ed Wilson talks about a road rage incident from Friday

WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – A road rage call last week in Wellsville has left some residents and village officials questioning the actions of a police officer.

Police said two people in a car were being chased by five juveniles for 4 miles from East Liverpool to Wellsville. The juveniles were exposing themselves and taunting the victims, according to police.

“Another juvenile girl in another vehicle and another kid. They threatened to run them off the road, tried to get them to stop, tried to get them to fight the guy,” Lt. Ed Wilson said.

Wilson said he was called as backup when another officer finally pulled the juveniles over. It was during that stop that one of the juveniles used his cell phone to video the stop.

Wilson said he became frustrated with the kids.

“Actually, what I told them to do was just get the “f—” out of Wellsville and don’t come back. Don’t bring that stuff back and get out of here,” Wilson said.

Wellsville Councilman John Morrow said that while he is concerned with what was said by Lt. Wilson on the video, everyone needs to be more careful in this age of the cell phone video.

“Officer have to be extra careful. Everyone has to be if you are in the public eye,” Morrow said.

Morrow said council members will let the police investigation follow through before taking any action against Lt. Wilson.

Police learned through their investigation that the car had harassed other people as well. And that two of the juveniles in the car violated probation by being in contact with each other.

The matter is now being turned over to the prosecutor for possible charges.

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