Buyer beware when it comes to nutritional supplements

Experts in Youngstown, Ohio offer advice on supplements.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Supplements have been making headlines lately and not for good reasons.

Several companies are under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s Office after scientists discovered many supplements did not contain what the labels said.

Jermaine Moncrief with Valley Sports and Nutrition is passionate about fitness and health. He moved back home to the Youngstown area from Arizona where he played college and professional football. He now owns his own business, specializing in health and fitness.

“From a quality supplement, people can get energy levels, fat loss, muscle and strength. There are tons of benefits,” Moncrief said. “But people have to make sure they are taking the correct supplements for their goals.”

Moncrief said far too many times he sees people just grabbing pills off the shelves and hoping they will work like magic.

Dr. Shayesteh is a board certified nutritionist. He said popping supplements and herbal pills without guidance is not only unwise it can be dangerous. The biggest concern is drug interactions. Shayesteh recommends consulting a doctor or nutritionist before starting any regimen.

“Every supplement, just like medication, should be individually tailored for the need of that person. If somebody is on blood thinner, for example, taking too much fish oil or flaxseed oil is not a good idea,” Shayesteh said.

A recent investigation into supplements at stores like Walmart, Walgreens, GNC and Target revealed that many supplements don’t even contain what the labels say.

“Some of these products claim they have something it and they have absolutely nothing in it. They are like fillers,” Shayesteh said.

Shayesteh said some supplementation is necessary, but other nutrients are best from whole foods. And don’t expect any supplement to be a magic solution.

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