Legislation would help veterans finish college

Sen. Sherrod Brown has introduced legislation that give veterans priority when selecting college classes.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says those who were in the military should have the best chance to gain an education after their service has ended.

The Senator made a visit Monday to the Youngstown campus of Eastern Gateway Community College.

Brown said many veterans and their families face problems enrolling in college classes and being able to complete their degrees before their G.I. Bill benefits expire, some in just four or five years after they leave active duty.

“I’ll be introducing legislation in the next couple of weeks to ensure that veterans, service members and their qualifying dependents can use their G.I. benefits to the full potential,” Brown said.

Brown says his bill would give preference to veterans when it comes to signing up for college level classes.

“We give priority to student athletes. We give priority to honor students. We should give priority to get the required classes to veterans,” Brown said.

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