Poland Township offers Senior Watch program

Poland Township has started a Senior Watch program.

POLAND TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) – Officials in Poland Township are turning their focus more on helping the elderly. Trustee Joanne Wollet wanted to see some changes after experiencing some elderly concerns in her personal life.

“I have a grandfather that fell. I can’t stand to see people alone in their house, injured and not being found for days,” Wollet said.

Senior Watch programs are now in place in the township that range from a check-in phone call to an actual in-person visit by a police officer. Residents can choose three program options: Check-in, elderly call and Senior Watch.

The township modeled the program after successes in other communities such as Liberty.

“They created this program years ago and looking across the state there are other similar programs,’ said Poland Township Police Chief Brian Goodin.

Residents can fill out an application at the Township Administration Building that contains pertinent personal information. The least intrusive program are the Check In and Elderly Call services, where a resident can call in to the police department on scheduled days or an officer can call the resident. The most comprehensive is the Senior Watch which involves an in-person visit.

Applications and more information can be found on the Poland Township Police website.

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