Voting precincts to be eliminated in Trumbull

Trumbull County eliminating voting precincts

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) –  The number of voting precincts in Trumbull County is expected to shrink for the primary election in May.

The number of precincts will drop from 208 to 157 when the Trumbull County Board of Elections is done. That means each precinct will have approximately 1,100 voters. The maximum allowed by law is 1,400 voters per precinct. The plan will make each precinct equal in size and save money.

“It will save money. It will save in poll workers. It will save in polling places and the payment to polling places. So it saves money all the way across the board, so I think that was the initial reason for the plan,” said Trumbull County Board of Elections Director Jodi Dibble.

The board will meet Friday to review the plan.

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