Free haircuts given at Volney Rogers school

Boys at Volney Rogers school in Youngstown were given free haircuts

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Thursday is a big day at the Volney Rogers school in Youngstown and administrators wanted to give the students the chance to look and feel just right.

A pair of local barbers volunteered their time Wednesday morning and offered free haircuts to boys at the school who wanted them. Thursday is class picture day and a number of other events are planned for the student body.

The principal said the idea will give the kids a little extra boost of self-esteem and confidence.

“We know that when you go to the hair stylist, when you go to the salon, or when you go to the barber, you feel a little different coming out than you do going in and we want to have all our students have the opportunity to feel that way,” Volney Rogers principal Misha Scott said.

This was the first year Scott tried this idea. About two dozen boys signed up for it and she is hoping even more will take part next year.

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