Informant claims intimidation in Oakhill case

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Someone may have been intimidating an FBI informant in connection to the Oakhill Renaissance case.

State attorneys prosecuting the Oakhill corruption case revealed in a court filing this week new details of an FBI informant being intimidated at the Southern Park Mall and at his home.

The Tribune Chronicle reports the informant was walking at the mall when an unidentified man came up to him and mentioned the Oakhill case saying, “The worst thing in the world is a snitch. I can stand almost anything but a snitch,” before he walked away saying “I’ll see you again.”

A week after the confrontation, the informant found a plastic rat placed in the doorway of his home.

The informant was then relocated from the Youngstown area for several days.

This all happened one week before a grand jury indicted Youngstown Mayor John McNally, Mahoning County Auditor Mike Sciortino and Attorney Martin Yavorcik on 83 criminal charges in the Oakhill case.

McNally, Sciortino and Yavorcik have all pleaded not guilty, and no trial date has been set.

This is a developing story. Check back here and tune in to WKBN First Noon at for updates.

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