Man posing as Hollywood producer, tricks woman into sex acts

Hollywood sex scam

This story comes to us courtesy of our sister station WIAT in Birmingham, AL.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – A Tuscaloosa man, posing as a producer working on a sexual Fear Factor style program, allegedly tricked a woman into engaging in deviant sexual acts in December. Tuscaloosa Police released information about the incident this week to make the public aware in case the man attempted to contact anyone else with a similar story. In the report, the woman claims that she was told that she could win a car, house, or cash in exchange for her participation. However, after the incident, she realized that the man was not affiliated with any television program and that he had lied to her.

This is not the first time Tuscaloosa Police have heard similar complaints. The release goes on to explain that this man has been on their radar for years; posing as someone in the television industry. In this particular instance, Tuscaloosa Police were not able to release the man’s name because a crime was not committed since the sexual acts were consensual.

messagesWe reached out to several women who claim to have received online messages or calls from the same individual over the years. While many agreed to share their stories with WIAT 42, the women also wished to remain anonymous.

The first woman we spoke with is “Holly” who says she received a call from this person 10 years ago while she was working at an auto part store. “He said that he was with Fear Factor and they were looking for somebody in the area to participate in a stunt and they were willing to pay,” Holly says. “I can’t remember, it was like a million dollars, and they were looking for someone to defecate in someone’s mouth.” Holly says that she believed the phone calls were a prank. “It’s hard for me to even understand that someone would believe the things that he was saying,” she explains, “that an actual tv show would do something like that.”

Holly says when the calls didn’t stop and she contacted police. They advised that she continue to communicate with the man, and eventually Holly agreed to meet him at a hotel. Instead, Tuscaloosa Police went to the hotel and interviewed the man. Holly says she later testified against him on harassment charges. She was surprised to hear that he was back in public and using a similar story that he tried on her over a decade ago.

Several other women we spoke with say a man contacted them through social media. He told them a similar story: that he was competing on Fear Factor and that he needed a female partner who was also a stranger. In screenshots of facebook conversations with several different women obtained by WIAT 42, the man explains that his father is in the hospital and in need of surgery. He tells the women that he could win millions of dollars to pay for that surgery by competing in a new Fear Factor competition being produced by Jerry Springer and Howard Stern. In several messages, the man also explains that the competition will include deviant sexual acts.

“I just immediately had a gut instinct from the first message,” explains another woman we’re calling “Fern” who was contacted over Facebook by a man who said he worked for Fear Factor. Fern says she blocked the man shortly after he brought up his involvement with Fear Factor. Prior to that, he had sent her his phone number and asked that she send him a picture. Fern says that she became concerned for her safety, and worried that the man might be trying to find her.

The women WIAT 42 News interviewed Tuesday say that they never engaged in any sexual acts with the man who contacted them. However, Fern tells us that she believed him to be calculating and manipulative. Several people have posted negative comments on the Tuscaloosa Police Department’s Facebook page about the woman who was tricked into engaging in sexual acts with the man in December. “Everybody’s condemning the woman and bashing the woman,” she says, “I didn’t participate, and he still was coming after me.”

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