Experts offer motorists tips for frigid weather

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) —¬†Drivers will be facing a cold commute Monday, with morning temperatures right around zero degrees.

Utsinger Towing has been operating on South Avenue in Boardman for 30 years.

Even though they are in the business of towing cars and trucks that get stuck, they offered residents a few tips to make sure your car will start in the frigid weather Monday morning.

“I would make sure that your battery is up to par, your tires are at the right PSI, your windshield washer fluid is full, and your tank is probably over half a tank, to make sure you don’t get any fuel line freezeup,” said … of Utsinger Towing.

Once residents get out on the roads, Mary recommends not using the cruise control.

She said the number one cause of winter accidents she sees are from drivers speeding or not leaving enough room for the car in front of them.

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