Struthers offers ‘Opt In’ drug testing for students

Jim Tressel

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – The Struthers City School District has expanded its drug testing beyond athletes.

Parents of 7th through 12th graders can now opt in to the district’s random drug testing program.

The district currently has a mandatory drug testing policy in place for all athletics that runs the entire school year. The new Opt In program is for all students who are not participating in athletics.

“We are excited that the new Opt In policy will allow parents or guardians to request drug testing. We believe this is a huge step in promoting health and wellness among our students,” said Superintendent Joseph Nohra.

The results of the test are confidential between the school diversion coordinator and parents or guardians.

The Opt In program begins April 1 and is aimed at helping students create a healthy lifestyle and promotes healthy choices.

As part of the program, Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel talked with middle school students at an assembly Tuesday where he stressed the importance of being thankful for the people in their lives that care and do things for them.

“It is good to pause and reflect on your good fortune, and then it is also good to pause and think about what I want to do from here and how I can begin that journey,” Tressel said.

Living a healthy, drug and alcohol-free life is a message that is in the spotlight for the entire district.

All students also will learn about the medical effects of drug and alcohol addiction through a program called “BRAINWORKS”.  Taught in all science classes, the curriculum is aligned with the new state standards and allows for students at all levels to understand how a healthy lifestyle benefits them in the long run.

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